Amsn doesn't work on DSL3

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Topic: Amsn doesn't work on DSL3
started by: mondes_engloutis

Posted by mondes_engloutis on Nov. 13 2006,01:50
when launching amsn I've got :
/usr/bin/amsn: line3: /opt/tcltk-8.4/bin/wish no such file or directory
(which is normal cause tcltk-8.4 is not installed however I don't find it inside the application proposed by dsl) the current version seems to be the tcltk-8.3


Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 13 2006,02:52
tcltk-8.4 is a uci extension, in the "uci" section of the mydsl repository.

Although I have never tried amsn, I would readily toss in a guess that it could be made to work with tcl/tk 8.3 if you don't care for the uci extensions.

Posted by mondes_engloutis on Nov. 13 2006,08:41
With tcl-3 the amsn refuse to start poping up a window which says TclTk4 is required :)


Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 13 2006,14:24
Ok then.  Consult my first statement for tcltk-8.4.uci.
Posted by mondes_engloutis on Nov. 15 2006,08:03
Hmmm I didn't see any tcl tk 8.4 package in the uci repository of the myDSL program :(


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 15 2006,15:33
If you are using a web browser, use the find key to help you.

It's also alphabetical if you just want to scroll down to t.

Or see < >

Posted by Selim on Nov. 17 2006,09:27
If you use tkdvd.dsl (TclTk App for burning DVD 5 & 9), tcltk-8.4.uci isn't needed (tcltk-8.4 is included in tkdvd.dsl).

In this case, create a link: /opt/tcltk-8.4/bin/wish to /ramdisk/usr/bin/wish (Don't forget to add opt/tcltk-8.4 to your .filetool.lst if you use the Backup/Restore feature).

Posted by dafunks on June 03 2007,15:39
since using tcl tk 8.4 i have had problems and now it does not work and is asking me to mount something. Is there a way to get aMSN to work without this or a better way of getting tcl tk 8.4 to work?
Sorry for the old post. I used search to try to fix my problem

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 03 2007,18:36
Please post your DSL setup, which exact extensions you are using, what you tried, and the error(s) you got.

amsn depends on tcltk so it won't work without it.

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