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Topic: firefox uci, plugins, and Compact Flash
started by: jconlon

Posted by jconlon on Oct. 24 2005,17:58
Had no problems using plugins with the built in firefox 9.0.1 version but when I added the firefox-gtk1.2-1.0.6.uci to the keydrive I am using in combination with a 1.5 DSL cd I could no longer use my previously installed flash install any plugins.

When I execute the /opt/firefox-gtk1.2-1.0.6/firefox from a command line I get a lecture (error message)
Extension System Warning: Failed to set up default extensions files probably because you do not have write privileges to this location. While you can run Firefox like this, it is recommended that you run it at least once with privileges that allow it to generate these initial files to improve start performance. Running from a disk image on MacOS X is not recommended.*** loading the extensions datasource

Tried to add a link to the /opt/.firefox_plugins directory, but this failed cause of the read only flash.

How is everyone else doing plugins, uci, and flash?

thanks for any help

Posted by jconlon on Oct. 24 2005,18:24
oops - sorry for posting this in this the user feedback forum.
- john

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 24 2005,18:48
Moved to the proper section~

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