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started by: Multitudes

Posted by Multitudes on Oct. 02 2005,19:56
I'm running the xmule.dsl extension which is a version 1.8.2.
When I try to connect to a server I receive an error: "Your edonkey client is too old, please update it". What to do about this error? Is it possible to run a fresh dl of xmule?

I also get an error saying my (tcp) port 4662 is unreachable.
How can I make DSL listen to this port?
This part I believe is due to my linux ignorance - so this should be pretty straight forward if one knows what to do ...
I need some iptables command ...?

Yes, I have searched the forums from the beginning, but I have not been able to find an answer.

Thanks in advance
Multitudes  ???

Posted by pinguino on Oct. 26 2005,17:05
Dear all

I am experiencing a similar problem and not able to connect to any xmule server too. I am running DSL 1.5 HD install and have downloaded xmule.dsl (version 1.8.2) from the Mydsl. I also have a wireless router.

Basically after pressing the CONNECT button all the connection to the servers are either lost or timeout.

If I try to search for a file it tells me that I am not connected to a server.

Do I need to change some setting on the wireless router (belkin54g)? I do not seem to get the error messages on ports that Multitudes has.
Do I need to install something else?

Any suggestion as always is very wellcome

Thanks and happy DSL


Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Oct. 26 2005,17:47
You probably have a firewall on your router.  What you would need to do is log into your router and open tcp port 4662.  I believe that belkin routers are preconfigured with the following default settings.

user: Admin
P/W: There is no default password

If that doesn't work try checking < here > for your specific model number.  Once you are logged into the router, you should be able to find an area that allows certain ip address access to specific ports.  Since I don't have a Belkin router at hand, I can't guide you step by step; but hopefully the above website will show you how to forward a port for eMule.

Good Luck,

Posted by Monosourround on Nov. 04 2005,00:09
i had the same problems. I run mldonkey now. works fine
Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 04 2005,00:52
mldonkey under dsl?
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