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started by: eifeldragon

Posted by eifeldragon on Nov. 04 2005,23:47
I will start vncserver at startup
but it don`t work
I push the icon vnc4x0 and all it`s ok. I can use VNC Viewer on my windows xp mashine. I start XTerminal and type "ps -aux" ok vncserver is running (/bin/sh/ -c /usr/local/bin/ Now i reboot, start XTerminal and type /bin/sh/ -c /usr/local/bin/ and shit! Vncserver isn`t running. What is wrong. How and what have i to edit to run the vncserver. All the tipps in the forum don`t work.
Sorry for my english

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 05 2005,02:12
Unless it's a typo, your command is flawed.  It should be
If that file is not executable, then do this:
sh /usr/local/bin/

Another possibility is to replace the "startx" command in /home/dsl/.bash_profile with the command "vncserver"

Posted by eifeldragon on Nov. 05 2005,12:43
ok it works!
I add the command  sh /usr/local/bin/   to the xintrc file and vncserver starts at login.


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