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started by: brianetilley

Posted by brianetilley on Nov. 09 2005,13:58

I am looking for a very secure and minimal distro to run an Apache production server. It would seem as if Damn Small Linux fits the bill. Is their a specific package of all necessary programs compiled already to do this? I really don't have the experience to build such a specific package myself. I would appreciate a link to this info if it exists. Thank you very much.


Posted by newOldUser on Nov. 09 2005,17:05
Might be overkill but you can try Xampp: < Xampp website link >

Also search this forum for Xampp to find others who use it.

Posted by brianetilley on Nov. 09 2005,17:11
I am familiar with xampp, but that is a server package that you add to an existing linux installation. It is the initial installation I am concerned about. I would like to have a very minimal OS...just enough to run the server apps, to reduce potential security problems.
Posted by Max on Nov. 09 2005,20:23
There is an Apache/PHP dsl extension already built in the Testing area.

< Apache DSL >

Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 10 2005,20:19
I would recommend xampp...installed on a frugal persistant /opt /home deal....

the xampp is designed to be extracted and run from /opt dir anyway...so running it like that would make it sooooo much easier to run


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