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Topic: Nessus?
started by: robgentile

Posted by robgentile on Nov. 17 2005,20:00
I've been using DSL for quite a while now. It's of course, wonderful.

My problem, though, is I can't seem to geth the nessus demon to work. I'm forced to use, ungh, another distro for work (IT auditor) instead of DSL. Makes me sad.....

The nessus client seems to work ok.

Any thoughts?

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Nov. 17 2005,21:48
I just did "sudo apt-get install nessusd" and was able to install the nessus server. It seems to run great with the command "sudo nessusd --suppress-cfg-check" (though I am not familiar with this program so I don't know if it is totally working).  

I hope this helps,

Posted by robgentile on Dec. 20 2005,21:35
thanks, I'll give it a shot tonight.


Posted by James on Dec. 21 2005,14:42
Any Joy getting Nessus to work?

I am having troble as well



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