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Topic: Printing w/CUPS & Mozilla
started by: rst

Posted by rst on Feb. 13 2006,20:46
I can set up a printer but to print from mozilla I have to change the default print command from lpr $(MOZ_PRINTER_NAME ... to lp.  I am making a custom cd for an internet only terminal & am looking for a way to set it to lp by default.  Does anyone know how to do this?


Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 15 2006,03:29
I think you need to save your customized config file, which is probably located inside your /home/dsl/.mozilla directory somewhere.

You can either use the DSL backup/restore process, or you can use the backup/restore process to create a myconf.tar.gz extension and then use the mkmydsl process to create a customized dsl cd.

Or you can directly change the files and rebuild the compressed filesystem from scratch by doing a KNOPPIX-style remaster of DSL.

Search the forums or the wiki for more details.

Posted by rst on Feb. 16 2006,19:19
found it, you copy the config from /home/dsl to /Knoppix/usr/local/firefox/defaults/profile
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