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Topic: add non listed printer in cups
started by: angryjack

Posted by angryjack on Feb. 02 2006,15:48
Anyone has an idea to add non-listed printer to CUPS ?

i tried it this way:

connected via file transfer server to my PC, connected via FTP and uploaded the PPD to /home/dsl.

Then i started EMELFM in superuser mode, created a new directory under /usr/share/cups/model and copied the PPD to this directory and reloaded CUPS.

The new printer group then appears with the printer inside, i could install the printer and CUPS says that it is installed but if i go to "configure printer"  the new printer did disappear ...

Any help appreciated !

Posted by dtf on Feb. 13 2006,11:43
I had a similar issue with a HP 5740.  I had tried to load in a PPD file off the internet and load it into the Cups directory used for the PPD files /etc/cups/ppd  but it did not seem to work. Eventually I picked  a HP PPD (HP desktop 600)  that is listed in Cups that seems to work for my purpose.  

Not the best solution but ok for me for now.

Posted by rst on Feb. 13 2006,21:17
You may want to try to add the printer with lpadmin -P option to specify where the ppd is & -E at the end
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