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started by: willy

Posted by willy on Feb. 12 2006,02:33
Why is cups asking for a name and password?
Yes I have tried root and password, ROOT and password, root and sudo.....
If you use the http admin screen, how do you get to add a printer and make it work?

Posted by dtf on Feb. 13 2006,02:24
This is what I have done and it has worked for me but I am no expert.

I am not sure why I had to reset my root password after loading DSL for the first time but that is what I have done to get it work.

1) Bring up a xterm window either as super user or dsl and sudo su into super user and set your root password.  (passwd -a root)

2) Right click on your mouse to get start menu and go to myDSL->Cups. Left click Cups Admin.

3) You should see the request for user and password.  Enter root for user and the password you have just setup.

4) At this point you should be allowed to setup your printer.  I think the link I used was manage printer and just answered the questioned.

Good Luck.

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