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started by: newOldUser

Posted by newOldUser on July 03 2006,13:00
I've been converting a laptop that uses a usb wlan device based on the atmel chipset. I've done this before and there is a nice set of drivers in the mydsl...system(?) directory called atmelusbdrivers.dsl (thanks again tempestuous).

The last time I used these drivers I used them in conjunctions with s50updatemodules.sh  which was written by a user called Kopsis and was part of a dsl package called tpctl.dsl (thinkpad control).

I didn't use the thinkpad stuff but the s50updatemodules script was nice because after the drivers loaded from the atmelusbdrivers.dsl during bootup then this s50updatemodules scriipt would run and poof the usb device would be working (ok...there may have been another command or two that I'm missing...).  

Bottom line... I can't find the tpctl.dsl module or the s50updatemodule script.  Anyone have a copy or know where it can be downloaded?


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