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started by: PanTikTak

Posted by PanTikTak on July 06 2006,20:20
Hi all,
I run single boot suse 10 machine and a few days ago I came across DSL. I thought it might be an excellent rescue mobile system on an usb flashdisk (I am quite new to linux and tinkering too much makes having a rescue system necessary). Installation went without problems - I boot from usb and everything runs just great.
But I would like to have an Internet connection on DSL. I don't use ethernet here, but Sagem F@st 800 adsl modem and I have to install the drivers for it. Compilation isn't possible, cause there is no gcc in DSL, and I only know "./configure - make - make install" compilation and installation method. So I tried debian package with the drivers.
I copied missing dpkg directory to /var/lib and run the following command:

sudo dpkg -i driversfilename.deb

The result was whole terminal filled with "invalid control file in: driversfilename.deb"

Any ideas for solving this problem?
Or maybe some of you use sagem f@st 800 modem and know the other way to make it work?

thanks a lot for any help.

Posted by kerry on July 06 2006,21:41
why did you copy dpkg to var/lib? just enable apt(apps>tools>enable apt). you should read what is in dillo and look at the meus to see what is there. run it as live cd and click on all the applications to see what they do. DSL takes a little getting use to but you basicaly have a debian system that's just been cut down. on top of that you will find a lot of stuff only in DSL(thanks to robert and jhon for there great work). DSL can match any full size distro out there, it just depends on how much effort you want to put in to make it do what you want.
Posted by PanTikTak on July 06 2006,22:36
Thank you Kerry for your reply. I copied it to /var/lib/ because I found the info quoted below on < http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/packages.html: >

To make room I had to delete the entire /var/lib/dpkg/ from the iso to make room. It is available as a separate download (dpkg.tar.gz).

And I found this info it while using my main distro, which has an Internet connection. On DSL I can't enable apt, which wantsto download something from the net, cause making the net work is what I'm trying to achieve. I'll take my DSL usb flash drive to work tomorrow and plug it into one of etherneted computers.
Anyway thanks for hint, expect some more noob questions in future!  :laugh:

Posted by kerry on July 07 2006,00:11
duh, sorry i should have read more carefully. you can use another machine to download what ever dsl's you want and put them in a folder named " myDSL " and dsl will find the folder and autoload the dsl's at start up. i have mine on a usb key, nothing fancy just a regular fat formatted usb key, just make sure the dsl's are in a folder named " myDSL " exact spelling.
Posted by PanTikTak on July 07 2006,12:36
Ok, enabilng apt did the thing, but...
I dpkged deb packages that i needed with --ignore-depends option and it said that packages were unpacked but not configured. Running an app from the package caused errors, it is unusable.
I will try to install gcc from DSL repository and compile it, or fill the dependecies. I hope it will work.
Or maybe there is a good soul here that will help newbie and make dsl package with sagem drivers? Here is the link to sources file:

< http://www.sagem.com/support/site/driver/Fast8x0_3-0-6.tgz >


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