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started by: Exsuscito

Posted by Exsuscito on July 07 2006,10:43
I am using a USB-HDD install and I am a little unclear on the preferred way to manage users (i.e. adding / removing users and to persist that after a reboot).  I would assume that takes care of this, but then what user's .filetool.lst needs to contain entries /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow?

Furthermore, I am actually not that familiar with Knoppix or Debian, my Linux experience is mostly RedHat.  Although in the few days working with this system I can already understand that knoppix is a read-only iso image that gets mounted at runtime with the option of remastering, but remastering is too much work to change one line of a configuration file.

Or is there a better way that you DSL guys have already put together for system configuration stuff like this?

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