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Topic: Printing as regular user with cups
started by: jrusso19

Posted by jrusso19 on July 17 2006,19:57
I want to be able to print from a regular user account that I am going to use on the net.

I tried to connect to the cups at < http://localhost:631 > but as a regular user I am refused.

I set it up in dsl user but I cannot print to it from regular user.

How can I get this working for a regular user to print?

NM I guess the cups server has to be started manually all the time.



Posted by brianw on Aug. 15 2006,00:20
In firefox I had to change the properties for the printer from:




notice added sudo in front, changed lpr to lp, and changed -P to -d

You should be able to set cups to start automatically by adding a line to /opt/

/etc/init.d/cupsys start

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 15 2006,18:27
For me when printing, although I did not use CUPS, I changed the permissions on /var/spool/<printer> to be allowed to be accessed by all users.

I'm pretty sure the above solution (using sudo) would also work.

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