I can't install video driver.

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Topic: I can't install video driver.
started by: Curtis

Posted by Curtis on July 20 2006,07:49
Hi everybody.

I'm trying to install a video driver for a via. I compile the driver with make but when i try make install command it says "modules.dep  Read-only file system" in ramdisk there is a link to /KNOPPIX/ directory. I can't change the file because nither being root.

Can someone help me?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 20 2006,08:03
you could either:
copy the module manually, and use insmod
remove each of those symlinks, and replace them with copies from /KNOPPIX

Of course the first one is much easier, and safer.

Btw, there isn't there a via driver included in the XF86 package?

Posted by Curtis on July 20 2006,09:00
I've done the second one. I haven't seen the driver. It driver is for a via mini itx embbebed computer.

I install the driver now i must make it works...

After installing the driver i use it with modprobe but i lost the screen. In the readme says something about using fbset but that command doesn't exist. i've tryied to boot in xfbdev mode but it doesnt let me execute the driver because it says that there is many liks or some thing like that.

What can i do?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 20 2006,21:43
Could you give the specifics/details?  esp. the exact commands you used, and errors you got.
Which model is your video chipset?

Also, there is a via driver included in the XF86 package, I just checked.
I supposed you could set it by using Driver "via"

Posted by Curtis on July 21 2006,07:31
how do i set up this driver?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 21 2006,09:07
Which one are you talking about now?

I suppose you're probably asking about the one included in the XF86 package, since you didn't answer the other questions.

1. Install it according to the .info
2. When you are choosing your XF86Config-4 , you can either download a premade template for via from the web, or use the sample one for vesa and just change the line from Driver "vesa" to Driver "via"
3. Restart X server.

Posted by Curtis on July 27 2006,08:37
I've been trying it but the vesa template modified doesn't work and i can't set up the resolution with the template i've downloaded from internet.

i don't know how to do...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 29 2006,01:33
Describe what you changed, and what errors you get.

If you can't get this running, why are you trying to change resolutions already?

With that aside, you could try xf86config.dsl, although it's pretty limited.

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