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Topic: tcltk-8.4
started by: y_cilek

Posted by y_cilek on Sep. 11 2006,09:07
I have dsl on hd and here is the problem: Whenever I reboot DSL tcltk-8.4.uci umounts and everytime I have to manually load the extension. Is there a solution for this, I want tcltk-8.4.uci everytime I open DSL. Thanx
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 11 2006,14:41
Either add it to one of your myDSL autoload directories
specify the load command in a startup script (i.e. /opt/ )

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 11 2006,14:58
If you have DSL installed in the old-fashioned way, you can do this...

1) copy the tcltk-8.4 directory:
   sudo cp -rp /opt/tcltk-8.4 /opt/tcl-tmp
2) umount the tcl extension:
   mydsl-load /path/to/tcltk-8.4.uci
3) put the copied directory in the place of the original tcltk-8.4 directory:
   sudo mv /opt/tcl-tmp /opt/tcltk-8.4

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