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started by: firecat53

Posted by firecat53 on Sep. 17 2006,01:31
I successfully installed the cups.unc extension and configured a Laserjet 6L using the browser interface. I can print the test page and print from the command line using 'lp -d laserjet6l filename', but I can't print from any application.

Some off the apps (Beaver, Abiword, xpdf) give you the option of changing the standard 'lpr' command to 'lp', but I can't get any of them to work. I tried changing the command in Firefox to "sudo lp ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+'-d'}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}" per an earlier post, but Firefox printing won't work either.

I also tried changing permissions on /var/spool/cups by 'sudo chown -R dsl. cups/'.  No luck.

What am I missing!!??

Thanks, Scott

Posted by roberts on Sep. 18 2006,20:18
export TMPDIR=/tmp
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