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started by: minimalistic

Posted by minimalistic on Sep. 17 2006,01:34
I am trying to install the Citrix ICA .dsl offered in a post by one of the members.

I got the message "invalid gzip magic".  Further in the post , it was suggested I install the gnu-utils.dsl, which I have done.  I still get the same message.  Would appreciate any suggestions on resolution of this issue.

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 17 2006,04:16
Possibly a corrupt file.  Did you verify the download is complete?
Posted by minimalistic on Sep. 17 2006,05:56
not official, so no md5.  Did notice something unusual though.  My firefox download mgr says 2.3M, but once downloaded ls -lh yields 6.1M as file size, so something fishy's going on.

.dsl available at < citrixica.dsl >

Posted by minimalistic on Sep. 20 2006,12:49
Turns out download was corrupt.  Emailed dominik, the contributor, don't know if he's fixed it on his website, but he emailed me the .dsl, which I installed.  Works great!!  This open source stuff, particularly the community help, rules.  Thanks for the help.
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