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started by: jgombos

Posted by jgombos on Nov. 03 2006,15:56
I have a kernel driver that I would like to load on a permanent basis, rather than executing insmod after every bootup.  The /etc/modules.conf file has a header advising not to hack that file, but rather use update_modules to add modules.  There seems to be no such executable.  

What is the recommended approach to installing a module?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 03 2006,16:26
It's really okay to hack that file :p

Anyways, you can use depmod to update that conf file

Posted by jgombos on Nov. 04 2006,18:01
It turns out the modules.conf file didn't need to be modified.  After copying the new module to the relevent subdirectory in /lib/modules, and running depmod (which resulted in a dependancy error that I ignored), the module was loaded on every reboot thereafter.  And I could see that modules.conf had not changed.

So it seems the process is to put the module somewhere in /lib/modules and run depmod, in case anyone else goes down this path.

I'm curious where the hook is, if it's not the modules.conf file that's telling the kernel to load my new module.  I noticed that the boot process pauses for a minute on the line

"Running from HD, regenerating ld.so.cache and modules.dep..."

Is this where it determines which modules to load, and the order?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 05 2006,04:40
Ah yea.. the file is called differently on different systems.  Doesn't matter if it works :P
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