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started by: motokitn

Posted by motokitn on Dec. 04 2006,04:30
Just wondering what I need to install in order to compile one of my favorite programs from source. Haven't been able to find info in the wiki.
Thanks in advance!

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 04 2006,15:53
The gcc-with-libs mydsl extension is pretty much essential for any of the "configure, make, make install" types of source packages. This extension provides many of the standard headers needed to build linux apps.

The gnu-utils mydsl package may be necessary in some situations where the Busybox tools are lacking in command options.

Anything else you may need depends entirely on the program you intend to compile. The source package should include a README or INSTALL file which should tell you what headers are needed to compile the program.

Posted by u2musicmike on Dec. 04 2006,16:43
DSL comes with the tcc complier.  It is a tiny complier so it has some limitations.  This post has some good information:

< >

Posted by RyuOniX on Dec. 09 2006,01:33
I have downloaded and installed the gcc1-with-libs dsl extension and I am having trouble compiling with it. I tryed a very simple "Hello World" program to test it and it seems that it doesn't know which directory the header files are in. Of course, it doesn't really help for me to #include a header file with its specific directory because it can't find the header files included in the header files...
Posted by RyuOniX on Dec. 09 2006,01:43
By the way... I have tried #include <iostream> and #include </usr/include/c++/3.3/iostream>
Posted by RyuOniX on Dec. 09 2006,01:46
By the way... I have tried

#include <iostream>


#include </usr/include/c++/3.3/iostream>

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 09 2006,03:04
did you try #include <iostream.h> ?

EDIT: Oh...seems the c++ headers don't often use the .h suffix.
Ignore this as necessary.

Posted by meo on Dec. 10 2006,16:41
Hi motokitn!

I just made a remaster that can be used for compiling. (It's found under Other help topics -> Remastering HOWTO ... on page 62) I incorporate the latest gcc1-with-libs.unc and gnu-utils.unc and got a pretty good compiling environment. RyuOniX when it comes to compile for example the well known "Hello World" program just save it in home/dsl as for example hello.cpp open a terminal and do the following:  g++ -o hello hello.cpp  . That will compile the program, I just tested it. Hope this is of any help.

Have fun with DSL,

Posted by RyuOniX on Dec. 10 2006,23:44
Thanks Meo! It works like a charm!  ^_^
Posted by RyuOniX on Dec. 11 2006,00:17
By the way, is there a linux equivalent to the Win command PAUSE? I have enjoyed using it throughout my programs in the past so I hope that there is...
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