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started by: Sgt

Posted by Sgt on Dec. 06 2006,04:13
My eyes are going....I really try to find and answer before posting...but I don't seem able to find it.

Upon succesfully installing DSL (YEAH - 1st Linux install that went as promised :) ) I wanted to upgrade Firefox to 2.0. So went mozilla.com & DLed the the tarball. I unzipped it, but that's where my Linux knowledge starts to fall off.

I posted in another area (for general Linux questions) and it was suggested to me that I useMyDSL & 2.0 was in there. After finding MyDSL (under my browser window), I found that it had 0.9 & 1.2 but no 2.0. So I continued reading. Saw a post about upgrading to 1.5 & tried to follow it.

I used MyDSL to DL gtk2-0705.dsl, but I was stuck there. Further reading has indicated that I need to unzip this the same as any gz tarball - Correct?

After that what do I do? How do I get the MyDSL option to "Update to Gtk2" (as I read) or do I even need to in RC3.1?
(BTW Being new here & reading alot of posts, without my knowing when releases came out, there is a lack of referencing which releases are being referenced in the posts)

Another post I read, said something about Firefox 2.0 showing up after "updating the repositories"...How is this done?

Basically I see (for right now) that the MyDSL link on the desktop is to an extension tool for getting available tarballs - Correct?

How do I install the tarballs afterwards?

I know how to unzip tarballs (tar zxf file.name)

Sign me,
To blury eyed to see anymore.....

Posted by Juanito on Dec. 06 2006,04:34
The are a couple of ways to install *.dsl packages:

1. Use the myDSL icon on the desktop, click on load local dsl and navigate to your downloaded gtk2-0705.dsl package.

2. Open a terminal window and type "mydsl-load /path-to-file/gtk2-0705.dsl

Posted by Sgt on Dec. 06 2006,05:21
Thanks Juanito, however I stumbled upon this before getting back here.

To get to the MyDSL - Update to Gtk2.....Right click on the desktop & there it is. I don't remember seeing anything about MyDSL before I ever clicked on the MyDSL desktop icon, but I hope I remember to check that on the next box I install. Anyway I know that I only need to do this once (it doesn't fall off afterwards).

As to installing, I figured out the "Install Local..." thing. I browsed to the tarball, but it didn't overwrite the /usr/local/firefox/ files and when I click on the icon it still brings up 1.0.6.......Now this may simply be due the location I installed from, or the fact that I'd already unzipped once. I'll check....LATER  :D I can for now open 2.0 by navigating to it thru Emelfm.

Still looking for how to update the repositories.......

(little break - eyes are better, but I need to get some sleep, I do have to earn money tomorrow LOL)

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 06 2006,06:16
The firefox extensions do not upgrade the existing version.  They install into /opt, which allows them to be installed and removed quite easily.  The original version of firefox still exists in the system.  Use the icon or mydsl menu item that was installed with the newer firefox to start that newer version.

I don't know what "updating the repositories" means.  It could be that you misunderstood what someone had said, or maybe it refers to debian repositories.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 06 2006,15:25
I don't think testing is listed under the mydsl tool (from the desktop) - so ff 2.0 would be missing.  You'll have to download it from a mirror, and is probably better for use since it was built with gtk1 (you won't have to load the gtk2 extension)
Posted by Sgt on Dec. 07 2006,06:06
I think that I've got this persnickered out....to an extent.......

I need to reload from the beginning (I know that's not really needed, except for my own knowledge)and look at few things closer.

Please bear with me.

I've had few toddies this eve....So will try tomorrow....

(actually a few more than I thought...typing is tough...)   :p

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