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Topic: Extinguishing remainders of firefox
started by: meo

Posted by meo on Dec. 06 2006,16:30
Hello Y'all!

I've removed firefox from DSL as described by mikshaw in another post like this:  sudo rm -rf /usr/local/{,bin/}firefox  but when I'm booting with the remaster that doesn't have firefox 1.0.6 I get a bunch of complaints that the firefox files cannot be found (naturally they can't, I just removed them). Anyway what is it that causes these complaints? There must be something more that has to do with firefox. Are there some other files that can be removed to stop the computer from complaining? Thanks in advance for any help!

Have fun there playing around with DSL,

Posted by kerry on Dec. 06 2006,18:08
try in terminal->
locate firefox
find firefox

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 06 2006,18:59
what's the exact error/warning output?

it could be another file that's referencing firefox... (like menu/icon entries perhaps?)

also, wouldnt just find firefox return the non-caps?

Posted by meo on Dec. 06 2006,21:41
OK kerry!

I've tried your suggestion and removed the found files. No no files are located but I still gett all these complaints that the firefix files can't be removed. So for now I have to ponder over the matter for a while to se what can be done. Thanks for the help. And "hats" the complaints run by so fast that I'm not able to write them down. Lets see if I can do it later on.

Have fun and thanks guys,

Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 06 2006,22:00
ok then, WHEN do you get the errors?
I can't think of any reason it would complain during the boot process, but maybe there's something happening when X is started, like a command in .xinitrc

As far as I can tell, there should be nothing in DSL that requires firefox to be present, apart from firefox itself.

Posted by meo on Dec. 06 2006,23:36
Hi mikshaw!

The complaints appears just after confirming that unionfs is up. There are some: touch ... can't find etc and after that a few: chown ... can't establish ownership etc. or something like it.

Keep on having fun with DSL,

Posted by roberts on Dec. 06 2006,23:39
Ah, that triggers my memory.
John has some hacks in /etc/init.d/mkunion
Just delete the bottom few lines that reference firefox.

Posted by meo on Dec. 07 2006,00:33
Hello again guys!

After some Jolt Cola and a danish pastry with walnuts, a lot of work and your help guys, the complaining during bootup has been squashed. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my favourite OS DSL. So again, thank you guys for your help!!

Have fun with this eminent Linux distro,

Posted by meo on Dec. 07 2006,01:18
Hello all of you again!

Just wanted to let you know that I commented firefox out of the fluxbox menu as a final touch in the matter. Thanks again for your help!

Have fun guys,

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