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started by: ubermai

Posted by ubermai on Jan. 25 2007,03:37
I've recently begun learning the Python Scripting Language, and have been using it for a few projects. Until recently, I have been quite pleased with the posted python2.5 package (I use a .unc version). Now that my curiosity has brought me to GUI scripting in Python, I have found that the posted package cannot even run IDLE, the GUI based Python IDE.

After a few posts here on the subject, I resolved to create a more complete python2.5 package. Perhaps I've bitten off more than I can chew...

I attempted to use a combination of apt-get and deb2dsl, but found that the Debian packages listed are of an earlier version of Python. Unsure if packages from Debian's Testing or Unstable areas would be compatible, I attempted to work from source, with little success.

Should I use a different distro as my host for building the new package?


Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 25 2007,03:46
Have you considered trying to build it from source on DSL? My guess is that it should work without much trouble using gcc-with-libs
Posted by ubermai on Jan. 25 2007,10:05
I just tried DSL as the host environment a second time.
I compiled and installed Tcl, then Tk.
Everything in Python compiled except for tkinter, which gave the following error:

*** WARNING: renaming "_tkinter" since importing it failed: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Maybe I need to rtfm, but I know exists.

Posted by ubermai on Jan. 25 2007,20:06
I recompiled and installed Tcl/Tk with the prefix /usr instead of the default /usr/local...

Python appeared to compile without errors.

I was able to use Python and IDLE as installed to the ramdisk, and decided to build some extensions. Using the methods outlined in the Wiki and Forums, I created a gzipped tarball, renamed the extension to .dsl, and converted to .unc using the dsl2unc script.

Upon reboot (Ramdisk is cleared), I attempted to run the extension packages. Both the Tcl/Tk and Python packages mounted properly, but IDLE returned the following error upon startup (after a minute or two of inactivity):

(One strange error - Segmentation Fault - appeared at first)

Actually I can't recreate the initial error. The process seems to hang when I execute IDLE, and nothing else happens. This is a little better than simply not having the libraries...

Perhaps I cut out some required files... It was late last night. I'll try remaking the package.

Posted by ubermai on Jan. 26 2007,09:43
I went ahead and included (or so I think) all the installed files from the Python installer in my new extension.

It mounts fine, but I still get the segmentation error, and sometimes i get a stop error saying IDLE can't run without its subprocess.

but still no IDLE.

Posted by ubermai on Jan. 27 2007,20:56
I can't pull it off. Somebody help.
Posted by ubermai on Jan. 29 2007,00:10

I created extensions!


AND (!!!)


and they work! yay!


Posted by dafunks on June 07 2007,13:48
Would you be able to put the python 2.5 you made so I can download it from MyDSL? I am trying to get sabnxzd working.


Posted by Juanito on June 07 2007,14:22
As Mikshaw says, Python seems to build relatively easily from source...

I also get segmentation errors occasionally when I mount unc extensions that I never see with dsl extensions. Maybe unc are more demanding on hardware, maybe they need to be built more carefully, or?

Posted by mikshaw on June 07 2007,14:48
maybe they need to be built more carefully
I think this, or something related to this, is the issue.  There is a "declobber" thread in which Robert implies that poorly built extensions can cause failure in the unc system due to unwanted changes in file ownership/permissions. I'm not completely clear on the issue, but it seems that the extensions at fault are not the unc packages themselves, but dsl packages that corrupt the system.

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