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started by: Squaller

Posted by Squaller on Jan. 30 2007,02:03
I was hoping someone could help me out.  I just upgraded to DSL 3.2 and tried to get the Nvidia drivers working but when I try to install the .dsl file it drops the file system and everything stops working.  Is there a fix for this or am I at the mercy of waiting for the updated Nvidia drivers?  

Also I'd much rather be self sufficient but haven't been able to find a good tutorial on how to create a dsl file other than with apt-get doesn't seem to be able to work in this case.  So if someone could point me in that direction as well it would be much appreciated.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 30 2007,02:09
You're probably either out of space or memory.  (Post your system specs?)
Posted by Squaller on Jan. 30 2007,02:30
I don't think so.  I had it up and running no problem on DSL 3.1.

I have a Dell laptop with a 1.6Ghz Pentium M with 512Mb of ram.  I have the same problem running in both native mode and qemu.  I've also run into this trying to boot on another computer


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 30 2007,03:08
Oh, then my guess is that its due to unionfs being used by default, and it might be causing some conflict.

Either try to boot with "dsl legacy" or convert it into an unc.

Posted by Squaller on Feb. 07 2007,23:30
I used dsl2unc on the nvidia.dsl installed it and it worked perfect.  Thanks
Posted by jls legalize on Feb. 09 2007,08:35
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Posted by WDef on Feb. 09 2007,16:42
If we're talking about nvidia_1.0.8762.dsl, it contains some ugly clobber directories and is in need of rebuilding.

dsl2unc removes self-clobberers as a byproduct of conversion, which is why it fixed the extension, but declobber looks more carefully at directories so I'd suggest running that first at the moment.

< declobber > output:
Code Sample
Removed 29 clobber dir(s) from nvidia_1.0.8762.dsl --> nvidia_1.0.8762_noclobber.dsl
See /home/dsl/nvidia_1.0.8762/clobber_list

As to why one user might have a problem with an extension and another not, it might be related to things like which extensions were loaded in what order, or (for eg) whether a clobbered /opt dir got somehow repopulated by a subsequent restore.  Hard to say, I'll have to think about it.

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