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Topic: linux-kernel-headers.dsl
started by: Wittfella

Posted by Wittfella on Mar. 30 2007,11:59
I'm playing around with dsl 3.3 RC3 with frugal install.  I noticed when I install the linux-kernel-headers.dsl it over-writes the /usr directory.  ie. after installation the /usr dir only contains 'include' directory.

Then you can't do anything, not even reboot from command line because the 'sudo' command is gone.

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 30 2007,13:47
It's possible to fix this problem if you download the dsl from the repository rather than using the mydsl tool - this way it will not be loaded.

Once you have the file, copy it to /ramdisk/tmp or similar - then, if you have the very useful user buttons for unpack, list and re-pack dsl added to emelFM, you can make a listing of the dsl.

Once you have the listing, you can use the following command to extract only the files you need and not the clobbering files:

gunzip -c /path-to-file/filename.dsl | tar -xvf - /path-within-dsl/filename

You can use wildcards to speed up the process. Once done, edit the file listing and re-pack the dsl using the emelFM button.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Mar. 30 2007,13:53
Just a side-note: you shouldn't have to use linux-kernel-headers in DSL anyways.
- kernelsource.dsl is the correct one for compiling for DSL
- linux-kernel-headers is for some other development kernel afaik

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