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started by: och

Posted by och on May 02 2007,13:26
I am trying to get libc6 dsl extension but it ends with 'checksum or download error'.
As the md5sum is OK, I tried to reboot  (DSL 3.3 grub frugal install with persistence) and It issued a lot of error on the other dsl extensions already present (which where OK before). It eventually gave me back a prompt as root (no dsl home). I 'manually' removed the libc6 extension from mydsl directory and managed to get back my regular environment after the next reboot.
I still need libc6 (I also have a problem on that package through apt, but that will be another post if needed). Is there a known issue about that dsl extension?

Posted by Juanito on May 02 2007,14:24
This sounds like there is a "clobber" directory in libc6.dsl - after downloading it, you could try the following:
Code Sample
# /path-to-file/libc6.dsl
and then load the resulting libc6.dsl.

For apt-get/dpkg you will probably have to use the following:
Code Sample
# apt-get install --force=all libc6
# dpkg -i --force-all /path-to-file/libc6*.deb

This will still ask you a question about stopping something or other (say yes) and may require you to edit /etc/ Once you've done all this, it will load.

Posted by och on May 03 2007,17:18
Thank for the hints. I didn't know anything about that (documented somewhere?).
The command created a directory in /home/dsl and indicated a list of directories to me. Not really knowing what to think about the result of the command, I started MyDSL again and loaded the local libc6. The process went through without any warning, so I supposed it had worked.
But at the next reboot the other dsl extensions loaded after libc6 (according to alphabetical order) produced many errors (just as it had done before I knew about At the end of the boot /home/dsl was not mounted, many commands were missing, and I could do nearly nothing but shutdown the computer.
Might there be some incompatibility between libc6 and the other extensions (ntpdate and wine)?

Posted by Juanito on May 04 2007,06:58
After you run, the modified extension should be called something like libc6_no_clobber.dsl - this is the one you should load.
Posted by och on May 09 2007,13:49
I had not seen the libc6-declobber.dsl in the declobber sub-directory created in /home/dsl. Now that I copied it in mydsl, it works!
Still some lines about that special utility in DSL Wiki could help. I would not have found it by myself and that is still magic for me...

But that libc6 is apparently not enough for preventing apt to get the buggy libc6-sarge package (dpkg -i --force-all does not help) when I try to apt perl. So I resume my issue by posting in net and apt, which should be more appropriate.

Posted by Juanito on May 09 2007,14:11
It sounds like installing libc6 is just one step on the way to installing something else - Perl? Maybe you could outline what it is that you are trying to achieve?

One issue that might be relevant is that DSL was +/- lined up with Debian Oldstable. Recently Debian Oldstable was archived, Stable became Oldstable, Unstable became Stable, etc. This might explain why, even with the libc6 extension loaded, apt-get is trying to install another libc6 - basically it is trying to install a more recent version.

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