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Topic: small sendmail equivalent?
started by: robertakit

Posted by Guest on June 23 2007,16:48
Is there a mail delivery system for Damn Small Linux?  Unfortunately, a small version of sendmail (smail) is not available in oldstable.  (Doing[code]apt-get install sendmail[code]brings in a whole lotta stuff that I'm not interested in.)
Posted by Guest on June 24 2007,15:53
I ended up using masqmail.  It was a little complicated to set up.  Here's what I had to do
* Added mail user to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow; for passwd
Code Sample
 ; for shadow
Code Sample

* Added mail group to /etc/group:
Code Sample

* Make /etc/aliases into a real file instead of a symlink; added etc/aliases to .filetool.lst.
* Create an empty file /etc/masqmail/default.route; uncommented line in /etc/masqmail/masqmail.conf with default.route on it.
* Added etc/masqmail to .filetool.lst.
* Added etc/default/masqmail to dsl file (from deb2dsl).
* Created /tmp/connect_route and put the string
Code Sample
 into it.
* Added tmp/connect_route to dsl file (see above).
* Added
Code Sample
* * * * * * /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/1masqmail
 to /etc/crontab (since I'm always online).
* Added var/log/masqmail to dsl file (see above).
* Added [i]var/spool/masqmail[i] to dsl file (see above).
I think that was it -- hope I didn't miss anything.

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