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started by: stupid_idiot

Posted by stupid_idiot on July 28 2007,11:10
The following extensions will be coming soon:
xfonts-intl-chinese.uci - ready Using Debian 'xfonts-intl-chinese'
xfonts-mona.uci - ready Using Debian 'xfonts-mona'

xfonts-intl-arabic.tar.gz - WIP Debian's 'xfonts-intl-arabic' only supports 'ISO-8859-6' Arabic encoding, but not 'Windows-1256' - Considering < Khotot > fonts.
xfonts-intl-asian.tar.gz - WIP Using Debian 'xfonts-intl-asian'
xfonts-intl-japanese.uci - WIP Using Debian 'xfonts-intl-asian'

Probably, the names will be changed.

xfonts-chinese.uci - Ready I can see both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese pages OK.
xfonts-japanese.uci - Ready I am going to rename 'xfonts-mona.uci' as 'xfonts-japanese.uci' - i.o.w. let Mona be the standard font for Japanese. Reasons - i. It is proportional so it works well with [Japanese] ASCII art (aka < SHIFT-JIS art >) unlike the non-proportional fonts in 'xfonts-intl-japanese', and ii. It comes with bold and bold-italic fonts, so many pages look absolutely better.

xfonts-arabic.tar.gz - WIP Success with '10x21.pcf.gz' font from < 'ae_fonts_mono.tar.bz2' > (from Arabeyes < Khotot > project) but I am looking for feedback whether the font size looks right. - I think I will put a screenshot on Flickr.
xfonts-asian.tar.gz - WIP Thai pages are perfectly OK. Remaining problem: Debian 'xfonts-intl-asian' contains some Indian fonts, but I cannot get < Yahoo! India > to work - looking into this problem. To be precise, I am trying to find good standard fonts for all the Indian dialects.

I'm currently testing Debian 'ttf-indic-fonts' package. It has ttf fonts covering all the Indic dialects. I've converted them to .bdf using `otf2bdf`(Debian package < here >, homepage < here >) and the fonts can subsequently be selected in Firefox. So far, I have tested only < Yahoo! India > and < Wikipedia Tamil >, and they do not work. The encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). This should work, but it doesn't. I am still trying to find out why.

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