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Topic: dsl-dpkg.unc
started by: jls legalize

Posted by jls legalize on Aug. 26 2007,04:35
that unc is not working I think cause it doesn't create the /var/lib/dpkg dir

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Posted by Juanito on Aug. 27 2007,12:00
I had the same problem - I thought that maybe I'd used declobber/dsl2unc to make the extension and declobber had removed the empty directory (perhaps a similar issue exists in dsl-n with apt-get).

I used "touch /var/lib/dpkg/placeholder" and added placeholder to the backup to fix things.

Posted by roberts on Aug. 29 2007,19:48
That directory /var/lib/dpkg is in dsl-dpkg.unc and is not an empty directory. I have not experienced an issue.
If a reproducible series of events could be posted perhaps further investigation could yield results.

I looked at this two ways:
1. Boot dsl base norestore then a typical mydsl load of dsl-dpkg.unc and /var/lib/dpkg is there.

2. Direct mounting via ...
mount dsl-dpkg.unc /mnt/test -o ro,loop=/dev/cloop60
and /mnt/test/var/lib/dpkg is indeed there.

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