Problems with madwifi-ng2.4.26

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Topic: Problems with madwifi-ng2.4.26
started by: dslrgm

Posted by dslrgm on Sep. 06 2007,16:36
This is actually in the UCI folder, not system, but it is drivers so....

While connected with my ethernet adapter, I downloaded the madwifi-ng uci.

I copied it from the /tmp directory to my /home/dsl on hda3.

I rebooted with my wireless card installed.

I did a local install of madwifi.  I see the /opt/madwifi-ng-2.4.26 directory.

I try to run the script.

Won't go.  Not with sudo.  Not as root (sudo su).  And of course not as user dsl.

I get a

bash: ./ Permission denied

I tried, as root, to chmod +x

And get told off that is a Read-only file system



Posted by roberts on Sep. 06 2007,17:55
Madwifi was recently updated in DSL v3.2 see the Notes (change log) section.
Posted by dslrgm on Sep. 06 2007,23:41
Quote (roberts @ Sep. 06 2007,13:55)
Madwifi was recently updated in DSL v3.2 see the Notes (change log) section.

So how do I tell what version of madwifi is in 3.3.?

And I see a new version of DSL is up.  So now I get to download it and learn how to update my Frugal on HD install.  I saw something about it in the wiki.....

Still doesn't answer the question about not having permission to run the, but it seems like that was for the best?

Posted by JB4x4 on Sep. 07 2007,01:13

You would run the command like this "sh ./" - I am thinking that was one I had made up, but forgot to make the script executable.


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