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Posted by TWILIGHT32 on Feb. 28 2008,02:58

this is my second attempt with DSL. last time I gave up.
anyway, I did install DSL on my PC and now I am trying to install the core gnu utils. I did download usind the mydsl extensions menu option.

then I check my bin folder, the commands are still pointing to busybox.
1) why is that?  
2) do I have to install it or does the mydsl extension option install it automatically after it has downloaded?
3) I even tried to install it myself, using "mydsl load ...", still when I looked at the bin directory commands using ls -l, they are still pointing to busybox....
4) does that gnu-core utils install menu option really work ?

I must also add that I have already done a hard disk install of DSL and it seems to be working. However I want to download the gnu core utils, because I want to learn how to use them.

also can someone pls let me know where can I get the documentation manual and how to install them?

the gnu core utils are in tmp/mydsl directory. How do I get them installed permanently and overwrite all the busybox commands.

Any idea anyone ?

thank you

Posted by curaga on Feb. 28 2008,06:12
Did you get the .unc or the .dsl? The .unc will not work with hard drive installs, but the .dsl will.

Also, when you install .dsl and .tar.gz extensions to a HD install, they are permanent, so they do not have to be loaded on boot and you can remove them from /tmp after loading them. .uci's are not permanent, so they have to be kept around if you want to use the extension.

Posted by mikshaw on Feb. 28 2008,09:07
If you're talking about coreutils.uci, that package does not *replace* the existing commands like gnu-utils.dsl does. Therefore you must either use a full path to the command you want, or add /opt/coreutils to the beginning of your PATH variable.

The first thing a user should do when running into problems with a mydsl package is to read the associated info file. This file should contain directions for anything special you may need to do beyond simply click-and-run

Posted by TWILIGHT32 on Mar. 01 2008,13:27
Hi curaga,

i did download thegnu_utils .dsl file..

Posted by TWILIGHT32 on Mar. 01 2008,13:31
Hi Mikshaw,
the and files don't have any instructions in there.
it'sjust about title

change log, history, no instructions in there.
actually that was the first thing I did check

Posted by lucky13 on Mar. 01 2008,13:45
Did you download it via MyDSL browser, a regular browser, or the menu item for it? If you downloaded manually, did you run mydsl-load?

Code Sample

Posted by TWILIGHT32 on Mar. 02 2008,16:12
Hi lucky13,
I  have used MyDSL Broowser.

+ after I saw that the busybox was still there, to make sure,  I did mydsl-load  /tmp/mydsl/gnu-utils.dsl  
and busybox  is still there up to now.  don't know why.... just showing you  examples below for ls command:-

lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root            7 Aug  3  2007 ls -> busybox

ls is part of the gnu core utils , isn't it ?

Posted by mikshaw on Mar. 02 2008,16:39
Busybox itself doesn't get replaced, only certain symlinks do. Also please understand that gnu-utils does not include replacements for every Busybox tool. Perhaps it did install, but the links you see are only those that were not included in gnu-utils?
Posted by curaga on Mar. 02 2008,17:50
ls is not in gnu-utils IIRC. Check "find" to be sure.
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