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Topic: dsl.config
started by: andrewb

Posted by andrewb on Feb. 29 2008,06:22
Is the dsl.config file in < http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....l > usable for the 2.4.26 kernel as well as the 2.4.31 kernel? If not where is the config file for compiling the 2.4.26 kernel? Likewise the patch file in the directory with the dsl.config file.

I need to be able to recompile the 2.4.26 kernel for DSL.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 29 2008,07:17
No, you should use the files in kernelsource.dsl (not really the full source)
Posted by curaga on Feb. 29 2008,08:39
It is of course up to you, but I modified the knoppix patch to not force gcc 2.95, as the kernel compiles just fine with 3.3.4 too, and is a little more efficient then.
Posted by Juanito on Feb. 29 2008,09:13
I'm using the .config from knoppix 3.4. This seems to work fine with 2.4.26 and 2.4.31
Posted by WDef on Feb. 29 2008,14:27
These are different .configs, though.  

BTW in case: not a good idea to trust modules running on a kernel if they weren't compiled against kernel sources with the exact matching .config and same gcc etc.

So compiling with a newer gcc is fine provided you don't want to load any modules built with gcc-295, like the ones in the repo should be.

Posted by Juanito on Feb. 29 2008,17:51
These are different .configs, though.

- really? I didn't think so...

Posted by andrewb on Mar. 01 2008,09:17
Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ Feb. 28 2008,16:17)
No, you should use the files in kernelsource.dsl (not really the full source)

OK, I can see there is a .config file in the kernelsource dsl file. Whay is ist so different to the dsl.config that is filed with the kernel for 2.4.31 in the download ftp area? All I want to be able to do is recompile the 2.4.26 kernel exactly as it is for v3.4.11. I appreciate these are for different kernels, but I am surprised ath the different in size of the files (i.e. the number of changes made in .31 from .26.).

Posted by curaga on Mar. 01 2008,10:10
As the config options change, then the config file changes too..
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