How does myDSL work?

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Topic: How does myDSL work?
started by: Tnek

Posted by Tnek on Oct. 18 2005,17:38
Newbie here.
How are the myDSL extensions supposed to work?
I saved the files onto my USB key and used emelfm to get to them but they don't seem to load up.

Posted by clacker on Oct. 18 2005,19:56
Tnek, find the file in emelfm, then select it.  At the top of the middle of the emelfm window there is a mydsl button.  Press that and the extension you have selected will load.
Posted by SuperLou on Oct. 18 2005,22:38
Or if you want to go one step farther into the rabbit hole:
Open an xterm terminal by using the right-click menu or clicking the desktop icon.  Then, enter "mydsl-load path/to/mydslfile.dsl"
Make sure it says dsl as the user in the left most part of the xterm command line prompt.  This means you are under the user "dsl" which is how dsl apps must be loaded.

Posted by adssse on Oct. 18 2005,23:18
I really enjoy the .uci files. With the other extensions I believe you have to reboot to unload them. With .uci files you are able to load and unload them at will. Plus they are very low ram friendly.
Posted by Tnek on Oct. 20 2005,02:26
Thanks!  I just played my first games on linux. Hey, when I said newbie I meant it. :D
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