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started by: geo-graf

Posted by geo-graf on Oct. 19 2005,06:15
How can I  mount the HDD when I use the LiveCD?

Is there a way to the change the partition of this hard disk?

Posted by AwPhuch on Oct. 19 2005,17:29
If you are wanting to mount a physical harddrive from live cd use the slit at the right...find the little screw...hit the arrow till you see hda* and hit the should turn green...ckt is now mounted under /mnt/hda*


Posted by Jester on Nov. 24 2005,16:08
What if no hda* or hdb* appears in there?


Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 24 2005,20:46
It could also be sd*

If nothing displays that looks remotely like it could be a harddrive, it's possible that your harddrive was not detected or can't be used by a standard DSL SATA, for example. It might also be unformatted.

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 25 2005,06:16
What kind of computer do you have?

Does your BIOS describe the hard drive controllers that are available?

Do you get a SCSI or RAID boot ROM message flash on your screen whenever you boot up your computer?

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