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Topic: Xfree86.dsl problem with mouse
started by: labiloute

Posted by labiloute on Nov. 15 2005,08:21
Hello everyone.
I hope you could answer me.
After installing XFree86.dsl, changing my .xserverrc as explained in another topics, after using a XF86Config-4 generated by KNOPPIX (which one works good on KNOPPIX), all works exept : mouse; wich is ps/2 (ps2) classic mouse on classic PC (exept that my graphic chipset is an integrated i810 - in one!) Maybe should I modify some parameters in XF86Config, in input devices section.... But Im not sure.

Thanks for your help.

Posted by labiloute on Nov. 15 2005,09:01
After changing my XF86Config begining file to "PS/2 mouse", Mouse works !

I just need now to get my incons back to desktop...
I anyone have an answer?

Posted by chickenman on Nov. 15 2005,14:11
For starters try selecting "full enhanced desktop" from "desktop" (I think) in the right-click menu.

Failing that, no ideas. Good luck.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 18 2005,00:27

Wrong section folks. Questions, etc, about extensions go in the appropriate MyDSL forum area.

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