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Topic: configure lpr/cups to start on boot
started by: dtf

Posted by dtf on Nov. 23 2005,02:54
I have configured a HP network printer to work with DSL using cups and print using the lp command.  This seems to work ok for me.  However, after I reboot I must go int myDSL and start cups and also I use the DSLpanel to start the printing/lpr option.  I would like to be able to configure my boot so that the printer is available without the manual procedures.

Any ideas? Your help is appreciated.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 23 2005,04:14
Cups is not part of the base system. Moved to System extensions.
Posted by dtf on Nov. 25 2005,11:43
Thanks for the reply.  After playing around I found a solution which must be obvious to many experienced users.  

1) Add the cheat lpr to the menu.lst kernel boot command

2) Add the command /usr/sbin/cupsd line to the file.  Alternatively you can use /usr/sbin/cupsd -c /etc/cups/cupsd.conf pointing to the configuration file although I have not tried using the second command.

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