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started by: Bob489

Posted by Bob489 on Nov. 27 2005,21:49
I was just wondering of the new kernel for dsl 2.0 has any knoppix patches?

Or if there was any patch applied to make it boot properly?

I know there were some issure with passing arguements in the older releases of the 2.4 kernel.. so there was a knoppix patch to handle that problem



Posted by roberts on Nov. 27 2005,22:33
Yes, standard Knoppix kernel patch applies.
It is posted on our website download release_candidate/sources directory.

Posted by DrRamble on Dec. 15 2005,14:18
Hi all!

Having problems with the kernel patch file. Is there a specific option (other than the usual -p0) to patch the source tree?

I have the source from the previous post - is it already patched?

The reason for all this is to recompile a newer version of ndiswrapper, so all I really need are the headers but the most recent .mydsl package is 2.4.26, and as such the compile works but depmod -a gives errors due to the kernel being 2.4.31.

I presume there is a simple solution, but I can't see it for looking.
Thanks in advance,

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