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started by: Poju

Posted by Poju on Oct. 18 2005,06:21
Is there need for DSL wallpapers?
If yes is there offical DSL animal (that big headed penquin maybe)?

I made few for Gentoo some time ago:
< >

< >

< >

< >

< >

I thik that this is my fovorite char this far
< > :D

Posted by davide on Nov. 21 2005,17:12
they are very nice!

I did this one, for very low ram systems. it's just 2k, 800*600

Posted by Johanthegnarler on Nov. 27 2005,23:37
You peoples are skilled heh. :D
Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Nov. 28 2005,16:50
I did a DSL penguin for my personal repository...
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 29 2005,04:35
I like that a lot, Fuzzy.

A few more...

< DSL text >
< Tux >
< not exactly Tux >

Posted by xmikeox on Dec. 28 2005,17:39
ima newb I dont even know how to put a background wallpaper on linux dsl
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 28 2005,19:15
Backgrounds can be put anywhere you like, but the most convenient place, particularly when using the wallpaper tool, is /home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds.

/home/dsl/.fluxbox is a hidden directory, so if you're using emelfm to copy files you'll need to press the "H" button next to the emelfm location window, or press Ctrl+h, to see the directory.  Midnight Commander displays hidden files by default.

When you have your image(s) in place, go to "Desktop > Wallpapers" in the fluxbox menu.

Posted by doobit on Dec. 28 2005,19:15
Quote (mikshaw @ Nov. 28 2005,23:35)
< not exactly Tux >

That tux looks like he made too many trips to the doughnut shop!
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