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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Dec. 06 2005,07:13
The first release candidate for DSL v 2.1 is now posted < here >
Change log:
1. Improved SATA boot time support (see f3)
2. USB 2.0 boot time support fixed typo
3. Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.
4. Ted replaces Flwriter
5. Updated xtdesk improved dragging when double click enabled.
6. New Icontool GUI controls many icon features.
7. Added missing tools section to jwm menu.

Posted by roberts on Dec. 06 2005,07:26
Some additional notes. First a big thank you to cbagger01 for the Sata boot time routine.
Here is a list of files that your current backup may overwrite.
So it is important to have this files updated in order for the system to function correctly:
As user root be sure that this files are copied over.

1. cp /etc/skel/.jwmrc /home/dsl/.
2. cp /etc/skel/.fluxbox/menu /home/dsl/.fluxbox
3. cp /etc/skel/.xinitrc /home/dsl/.
4. cp /etc/skel/.desktop /home/dsl/.
5. cp /etc/skel/.xtdesktop/Siag.png /home/dsl/.xtdesktop/.
6. rm /home/dsl/.xtdesktop/Flwriter.*

Posted by xautofzx on Dec. 06 2005,08:53
I need Chinese support
Posted by Guardian on Dec. 06 2005,09:28
These guys are spending a lot of their time working on this project and they give it away for free to the world, I think the very less we can do when asking for something is to say "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU"
Just my 2 cents.
Quote (xautofzx @ Dec. 06 2005,03:53)
I need Chinese support

Posted by George on Dec. 06 2005,10:02
In DSL 2.0 I have problems with my optical mouse moving to slow.
In DSL 1.5 and older it worked fine.
I can't test the 2.1RC1 to see if the problem is fixed because my computer can only boot syslinux, so I don't know if it is fixed.
If it cannot be fixed could you please tell me what to do to increase the mouse speed?

Posted by mcangeli on Dec. 06 2005,12:15
You can grab it via bittorrent:
< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=990&hit=1 >

Or see the last 15 torrents tracked by linuxtracker for DSL:
< http://linuxtracker.org/rss.php?cat=104 >

And thanks guys, DSL is awesome as always!:blues:

Posted by jdong on Dec. 06 2005,13:17
First off, thanks for your great work with DSL. Whether it's being used as an OS for an old PC or just a LiveCD that boots up damn fast when you need it, DSL is simply the best in mini-Linux distros.

I confirm the above user's mouse issues, on an ALPS touchpad, too, the mouse speed is too slow.

Posted by doobit on Dec. 06 2005,14:44
I really don't know what you could do to make it better. I would be great if Mikshaw and cbagger1 and the developers would put together a <complete> script library and make it easily available. That's about all I can think of.
Posted by mustang335 on Dec. 06 2005,15:19
dsl 2.1 rc1 k3b doesn't work, can't find dcop server. same thing on dsl 2.0 I used 2 different motherboards ,same end result. dsl 2.1rc1 occurred running in dsl toram and 2.0 was 2 different hd install.I downloaded K3b via via the dsl icons on desktop.  Also , what happenned to the network icon that showed the network flow working? Great distro. Thanks again  Marty
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 06 2005,15:46
Quote (mustang335 @ Dec. 06 2005,10:19)
what happenned to the network icon that showed the network flow working?

Quote (roberts @ the very first post)
3. Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.

Sweet stuff there.  Torsmo may become rather hard on cpu depending on how it's configured, but it's a nice little application.

Posted by Guest on Dec. 06 2005,17:15
Quote (roberts @ Dec. 06 2005,02:13)
3. Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.


Ugliest system monitor I've seen in a long time.

Most people who use Windows-like UIs are scared by information like this anyway. Go back to the nice-looking dick apps, cause the desktop looks like crap now.

Posted by struppi on Dec. 06 2005,17:24
torsmo is great! it's so easy to edit the configuration and make a personal system monitor.
@the developers: don't care whether it scares. it's important that it _informs_ the user!

& yahoooooo.... ted instead of flwriter! finally a good working word-processor!!!

and one last note: the jwm menu in DSL2.0 had quite a lot typos. i don't know why, but a few times there is a missing space between "aterm <switches> sudo" and the following command.

thank you for DSL!

Posted by nobody on Dec. 06 2005,18:30
just a suggestion:
Using antialiased fonts would make dsl look a lot cooler, if it is possible.  :;):
Maybe also add a boot option to disable the antialiasing for old computers, if possible too.
I always keep the latest DSL on me everywhere on my USB stick. DSL is the best! continue your great work.  :laugh:

Posted by mustang335 on Dec. 06 2005,22:36
I take it that network icon was asmem. Thanks much,,,, any Idea about k3b.  I am running a 2.0 ghz celeron on a via p4 motherboard with a 30gig hd. Somehow i thinkk k3b is looking in the wrong directory for its info. Thanks again, cool distro.  Marty
Posted by monkymind on Dec. 06 2005,23:50
Quote (Guest @ Dec. 07 2005,02:15)
Quote (roberts @ Dec. 06 2005,02:13)
3. Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.

Ugliest system monitor I've seen in a long time.
Most people who use Windows-like UIs are scared by information like this anyway. Go back to the nice-looking dick apps, cause the desktop looks like crap now.

If you really want to help your visually delicate peers ...... make some changes and submit it to the DSL developers. (the torsmo config file is clearly commented and easy to modify)

I've had a little tinker and love the little proggy :p
           < >

Posted by clivesay on Dec. 07 2005,00:05
Icontool is nice. I admit that I'm not a big fan of torsmo at first glance. Monkeymind's tweaks look nice. I guess I'm used to the stack of dockapps and now 3 seem orphaned to me. If DSL is moving towards things like torsmo maybe remove dockapps altogether or do not have them come up on the default desktop. It just looks out of proportion to me.

Maybe if people post their torsmo configs along with a screenie it might be more widely used and accepted? Just an idea.


Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 07 2005,00:43
Since Conky is based on Torsmo, I assume this same issue applies....
You see that thing that says "Running: 0"?  Unless you use kernel 2.6, that will always stay at zero, so it's not really needed in DSL.

Posted by monkymind on Dec. 07 2005,01:08
Quote (mikshaw @ Dec. 07 2005,09:43)
You see that thing that says "Running: 0"?  Unless you use kernel 2.6, that will always stay at zero, so it's not really needed in DSL.

OK - fixed!


Posted by hs7sv on Dec. 07 2005,01:31
torsmo is very nice. I think of Karamba in KDE when I see it. Is it possible if I want to make 20% transparent background (like ATerm)?

Thank you so much DSL team :D

Posted by namezk on Dec. 07 2005,03:45
my old Toshiba 460CDX (P1 166) that worked perfectly with 2.0, would not boot off of this 2.1 rc. Thanks.
Posted by andrewb on Dec. 07 2005,04:23
Two bugs to report with 2.1RC1:

1. Problem with UCI extensions. In emelfm using MyDSL button or double clicking fails to load UCI extension. Error message reads:

Please mount media containing optional dir and try again

CLI error shown in EMELFM lower box :

/mnt/auto/cdrom/optional/openoffice.uci: No such file or directory

I am runing 2.1RC1 on VMplayer with UCI & dsl extensions mounted on a separate iso. DSL extensions mount OK.

2. TED doesn't have a tab & can't be docked, or accept other applications being docked using the tab.

Keep up the good work!

EDIT: Now found the problem with the uci mounting lies in /etc/init.d/mountci. I can't decipher all of the script but it looks like there is a problem if the uci is on CDROM2 (DSL naming) which mine was under vmplayer. (I had the hardware cdrom mounted as CDROM2 in VMplayer = CDROM1 in DSL & the iso file with the uci mounted as CDROM3 = CDROM2 in DSL). Changing the iso containing the uci's to CDROM2 under VMplayer (=CDROM1 in DSL) cures the problem.

Posted by WDef on Dec. 07 2005,09:51
Thanks for Ted! - putting Ted back in is a very good idea for .rtf - now I won't have to autoload the Ted extension every time I boot.

I assume Ted and Scite were removed back when for space-saving reasons.  Scite is far better for writing scripts than Beaver etc (global find & replace is awful on Beaver).  I can see though that Beaver is a better all-round text prog than Scite - Scite is for coding in my view.   I load Scite on every boot too.

It'll take me a while to catch up with this release - I'm still trying to find time to investigate issues with dsl-2.0.

Posted by AUVA.COM on Dec. 07 2005,16:43
Does any release support AMD 64 bit?
Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 07 2005,18:01

Torsmo is using less memory than the old dockapps on my computer.

868k to be exact

Posted by roberts on Dec. 07 2005,18:56
Glad to hear that once again we are running on less system resources. That is our goal. Thanks to monkymind we will improve Torsom's appearance in the next cut.
Posted by monkymind on Dec. 08 2005,00:09
Wow! I love vmplayer and the new DSL RC! :D

Had a quick play around with it this morning and booted the new iso, tweaked the desktop (a little) and then suspended the VM.
The great thing about vmplayer is it can resume, and allows me continue to work where I left off, in around 10 seconds or so.  :cool:

Full size screen shot here:
< http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/7849/dslvmplayer48rq.gif >

Gotta go and do some work in the real world  :laugh:

Posted by JB4x4 on Dec. 08 2005,00:34
Seeing that Torsmo will probably be the new system monitor, (It works well and is easy on resources).  Is there a way to get it to monitor ppp/dial-up modem traffic?
Posted by doobit on Dec. 08 2005,00:50
Also, are there some light x tools for audio mix and mounting and dismounting drives that don't look out of place like slit, and also work with jwm?
Posted by joeyman9 on Dec. 08 2005,13:22
Absolutely loved the fact that it booted to a ram disk without having to add "dsl toram".  

Liked that diagnostics thing too - it flows so much more smoother now.  

On the down side, my pentium 4 sony (RG 30 desktop) one gigabyte ram computer won't play sound - get that "can't open audio" msg.  Didn't work under dsl. 2.0 either but, interesting enough, worked fine under dsl 1.5.  

Go figure.

Posted by MethodOne on Dec. 09 2005,18:44
SATA works great on the MPC (Micron PC) ClientPro systems in my college's library!  Before, I had to use the syslinux iso with earlier versions, and it didn't detect my flash drive.  Now I booted up with the sata cheatcode and my flash drive was detected as sdb1.
Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 09 2005,23:11
One GOTCHA! for SATA users:

SATA hard drives are configured as emulated SCSI drives, just like "real" SCSI drives and also Firewire or USB drives.

This can be a problem with the expected device names for your thumbdrive.

If your thumbdrive usually comes up as device /dev/sda  (/mnt/sda1), then it will change over to /dev/sdb (/mnt/sdb1) if you boot up with a SATA-based PC that has one hard drive.

In this situation:

First SATA hard drive = /dev/sda (/mnt/sda1 ,etc)
USB pendrive = /dev/sdb (/mnt/sdb1)

so MAKE SURE TO CHECK FOR YOUR THUMBDRIVE DEVICE NAME before assuming that it is "sda" and then you accidentally to a USBZIP or USBHDD install to your REAL HARD DRIVE!

Posted by mustang335 on Dec. 09 2005,23:56
sorry to stick with K3b but I am stuck with a nonworking k3b. DCOPserver not found. Maybe a clue. My /home/dsl.kdeinit  folder  has two files with 0 data in them. From what I understand kdeinit initializes the kde functions of dcopserver and Ice authority. Help. Thanks   Marty  dcopserver is not running when I check in gps program monitor.
Posted by roberts on Dec. 10 2005,00:12
k3b is not part of DSL. It is a user contributed extension and therefore should be discussed in the proper MyDSL Extensions area. The developers of DSL do not take responsiblity of all the the user contributed extensions. User contributed extensions belong to and are supported by the DSL user community. Repeating your post  here about certain extensions will not change that. You may want to contact the contributor as listed in the info file.

Posted by mustang335 on Dec. 10 2005,02:17
I do appollogize for the post . as no one answered my post before I repeated it. I was not aware that this was not the proper spot to post. I was not trying to skirt some rule just find out what was going on . civility is nice. Marty
Posted by Monkey 9 on Dec. 11 2005,09:34

If one would like to help, and test these newly builds, where would one have to look, to obtain such  an iso?


Posted by newOldUser on Dec. 11 2005,14:46
On the first page, first post of this thread there's a link associated with the word 'here' that will get you to the iso image.

Posted by newOldUser on Dec. 11 2005,15:00
I've been working with DSL version 1.5 for a while so I'm not sure if this is a 2.0 or 2.1 problem....

When I use the icontool to switch from single click to double click and then drag the icon it actually seems to drag a copy of the icon.  What I'm left with is one icon that responds to a single click and one icon that responds to a double click.

This was using fluxbox. Booting from the CD of v21rc1 with dsl norestore vga=normal

I like the addition of the icontool. It would be nice if it came up with your current settings displayed instead of always coming up with 'Display Icons' and 'Single Click' selected.

When using the wallpaper selector, is there a way to select 'No wallpaper' ?  Perhaps we could include a one-pixel transparent wallpaper image that could be called 'No Wallpaper'.

Thanks again to all of the developers for all your time and effort.  I always feel like I'm being ungrateful when I mention problems or improvements.

Posted by gunnix on Dec. 11 2005,16:15
Nice that dsl is getting rid of the dockapps. Jwm looks better then fluxbox too. Nice going.

By the way, why not get rid of mount.app as well, since emelfm can mount with a simple right click anyway. Maybe add a desktop icon to go to the /mnt/ folder.

With jwm dsl looks much better I think. It looks less like a hacked up gui.


Posted by logicmaster2003 on Dec. 11 2005,20:17
hi guys.. i jus burned a live CD of that newly released DSL2.1 and for some reason.. upon bootup it shows..

"Looking for CDROM in :/dev/scd0"

"Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem, sorry.
Dropping you to a (very limited) shell.
Press reset button to quit"

this is true even if i boot to "failsafe" mode.  Just wanted to report the problem.

so now im back to the 2.0 version which i've been using for 4 full days now :)

Posted by Monkey 9 on Dec. 12 2005,13:49
Quote (roberts @ Dec. 07 2005,13:56)
Torsom's appearance.

2.1RC1 Loaded perfect, took the config from the installed frugal (2.0) at once, desktop, including mail- and firefox-settings..(stored pwds and all)

About torsmo: al configsettings were commented out, is this the def setting?

(I mean there's no appearance of 'torsmo' at all)

Or is this because my filetoollist was not set to completely back-up  /home/DSL in the frugal 2.0?

I will boot up with norestore, and see what happens....


Posted by Monkey 9 on Dec. 12 2005,17:29
From     iB::Replying in DSL-2.1RC1 - Mozilla Firefox


JWM did'nt start either, so it was definitly the restored settings..
On norestore all just ok..by the way, torsmo isn't as hideous as they did apear earlier in this topic... Its transparent, looks good, on a 800x600 screen it is default to wide...but as said: highly configurable. Joe's WM is very easy to use and clear, simple menus.....

I am going to test lan set-up and the wireless.....
(boys: you shure gave me a nice toy! Thnx alot, from testalot!)


Posted by Monkey 9 on Dec. 12 2005,19:26

Torsmo: if commenting something out, in .torsmorc, hash shows onscreen, instead of entrance is gone, +no changeable width.
Xmms, if started, the volume-control applet vanishes, and does not come back after close down xmms, and restart desktop.


Posted by Mario38 on Dec. 12 2005,21:17
the fluxbox is not working well, I can't use fluxbox 0.9.14 with pixmaps, the pixmaps are not display. The same with fluxbox 0.9.11wich  is working well with an old DSL ?
someone have an idea ?


Posted by roberts on Dec. 12 2005,21:27
The release candidate area is for reporting issues/comments concerning DSL proper. fluxbox-0.9.11 is a user contributed extension. Please post issues with extensions in the MyDSL extension community area.
Posted by Mario38 on Dec. 12 2005,21:35
Sorry, I though that the bug come from the release and not the fluxbox itself !
Posted by mikshaw on Dec. 12 2005,21:45
Quote (Monkey 9 @ Dec. 12 2005,14:26)
Torsmo: if commenting something out, in .torsmorc, hash shows onscreen, instead of entrance is gone, +no changeable width.

Anything listed after "TEXT" in .torsmorc will be printed to the screen.  If you want to add comments, add them before TEXT.

Change the width with "minimum_size".  As far as I know, maximum width is determined by the font size, and the only way to make it dynamic is to start torsmo in its own window.

Posted by KaTHoO on Dec. 13 2005,08:45
just wanna say that u guys r dooing a awsome job...
I just love the little1


Posted by doobit on Dec. 13 2005,13:37
I'm getting two can't mount CDROM errors on bootup. The CDROM seems to work OK though.
Posted by roberts on Dec. 13 2005,14:18
Moving on the RC2
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