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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,05:30
DSL v2.1 Release Candidate 3 is now available in the download area < here. >

Change Log For DSL v2.1 RC3

1. New mount.lua - Lua GUI disk mount tool.
2. New dMix = Lua GUI sound mixer.
3. New icontool.lua - Lua GUI lists UCI mounts & allows easy deinstall of UCI's.
4. New .xpdfrc - to support direct printing from Xpdf.
5. New links - Lua links download wrapper.
6. New added Thai keyboard support.
7. Update filetool.lua GUI - added NONE option to skip backup/restore
8. Update wordview.lua GUI - added file chooser for *.doc
9. Update System Stats GUI - added more views and better font
10. Update pendrive_usb install scripts - optionally display all sd type devices.
11. Updated extended randisk to use swap only if not using 'toram' option.
12. Updated formula for better use of ram when using 'toram' option.
13. Updated fluxter.bb for new default display in fluxbox.
14. Updated .bash_profile for user 'dsl' at runlevel 3.
15. Updated man - now uses wget/less instead of links.
16. Updated Ted.lnk - missing Anchor
17. Updated scripts for restarting xtdesk icon manager.
18. Updated busybox - new commands, time, dpkg, rpm, rpm2cpio, uuencode and large file support.
19. Updated emelfm - icons would appear even when 'noicons' was choosen.
20. Moved DSL version number from .torsmorc to System Stats

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,05:41
Again this is a list of files that may be in your backup or persistent home that would need to be copied over from etc/skel

1. .xinitrc
2. .jwmrc
3. .fluxbox/menu
4. .fluxbox/fluxter.bb
5. .xtdesktop/Ted.lnk
6. .torsmorc

Please initially test with the base and norestore options.
When reporting bugs please verify that it occurs in the base, i.e., base and norestore options.

Report problems with user contributed extensions in the Community MyDSL extensions section of the board.

Report all others in this thread.

Too many people to thank for their bug reports and suggestions, for this cut. It has been a real community effort. John and I listen to the community and this is how we proceed to try to make DSL better. We thank all of you for your participation.

Direct code contributions (outside John and myself):
Thanks to mikshaw for ucitool.lua
Thanks to cbagger for pendrive display option mod.

Posted by John on Jan. 04 2006,07:24
And thank you to Clacker for pointing out how to grab a substring in Lua4.
substring = strsub( mystring, strfind(mystring, ""))

...used in dMix.

Posted by Falk on Jan. 04 2006,12:53
< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=1197 >

Posted by struppi on Jan. 04 2006,15:10
i can't download it yet - so give a screenshot of the new functions!

thank you!

Posted by mikshaw on Jan. 04 2006,15:41
18. Updated busybox - new commands, time, dpkg, rpm, rpm2cpio, uuencode and large file support.

Does this mean that the DSL base can now install/view deb and rpm files?

Posted by sarah on Jan. 04 2006,16:07
[*smile*] I love you guys. Will leave the upload running for bittorrent tonight (West Australian time).

Cheers and beers!

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,16:23
Does this mean that the DSL base can now install/view deb and rpm files?

Yes, both dpkg and rpm.
Are there implemented via busybox, so they may not have the full functionality of their GNU counterparts.
Check their --help options on each.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,19:52
I just posted the Qemu embedded version of RC3 to the release candidate area.
Posted by mherger on Jan. 04 2006,20:09
passwd seems to be broken. Wanted to change the password for root and dsl to be able to connect using ssh. But I only get the busybox usage screen.

Thanks for the excellent work!


Posted by MethodOne on Jan. 04 2006,21:22
Here's a problem:

-I created a 1GB vmdk file using qemu-img.exe.
-made a vmx file using the template from < http://blog.lorenzoferrara.net/pivot/entry.php?id=73 >
-loaded the ISO with vmplayer and DSL boots fine.
-created a Linux partition with cfdisk
-performed a traditional hard drive install, no to multiple logins, no to ext3, selected lilo
-rebooted, loaded fine until it looped at the prompt for creating a password for dsl
-rebooted, loaded as before, but it skipped the password prompts and went right to the desktop.  The apps work fine for now.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,21:51
Both are related to the same issue.
passwd not compiled into new busybox.
Will fix it. Thanks for the report, guys.

Posted by MethodOne on Jan. 04 2006,22:28
Here's what I get for the script for downloading a list of streams:

Code Sample
High bandwidth (128k/96k) selected
If this should fail for whatver reason, just close the terminal and relaunch
Playlist will be in /home/dsl/streams.m3u
Cleaning up old work directory (/tmp/stream_tmp) if it exists
Fetching radiostorm.com homepage
Connecting to radiostorm.com[]:80
Parsing for playlist names
Renaming playlist names with bitrate
Renaming playlist names with genre type
Fetching radiostorm.com individual playlists
rm: cannot remove `radiostorm.tmp2': No such file or directory
Fetching di.fm homepage
Connecting to di.fm[]:80
Connecting to di.fm[]:80
Connecting to di.fm[]:80
Connecting to di.fm[]:80
Connecting to di.fm[]:80
Creating /home/dsl/streams.m3u
Cleaning up /tmp/xmms_tmp
Launching xmms /home/dsl/streams.m3u

I don't see any thing in my playlist after selecting High Bandwidth.  The same thing happens for Low Bandwidth.  radiostorm.com  is now a Spanish religious site.  di.fm might have rearranged its site since the script was written on January 15, 2004.  This affects all versions of DSL with the script.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 04 2006,22:46
What? You don't like Spanish religious site???
Well, at least my classical music is still there in xmms. :D

Thanks for reporting.

Posted by MethodOne on Jan. 04 2006,23:44
For now, I'll use the SHOUTcast site.  radiostorm used to play music of popular genres like rock, country, and hip-hop.  Now it redirects to eleden.net, which is actually a small Spanish portal.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 05 2006,01:56
A quick bug fix release is now posted:  dsl-2.1RC3b.iso

This fixes the password problem and
removes the broken streams from Radio Storm in both
.jwmrc and .fluxbox/menu

Posted by desnotes on Jan. 05 2006,02:12
In embedded DSL, I was playing some music on XMMS and neither the level nor balance controls work on XMMS or dMix. Not quite sure if this is abnormal or not.
Posted by KnightFire on Jan. 05 2006,02:16
For streaming music I'm a big fan of sky.fm.
Posted by John on Jan. 05 2006,02:32
Desnotes, that's probably a Qemu thing.

Posted by hs7sv on Jan. 05 2006,07:47
Thai keymaps is using AltGr key for Latin1 (Thai) and Alt-Shift (left) for AltGr_Lock, but AltGr_Lock does not work in GUI mode. I'm finding how-to fix it.
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Jan. 05 2006,08:22
Where'd the slit go? :( Amazing how you miss having the mount app there.  And when I activate it through the dockapp list, next time I reboot frugal, it's gone again!
(Brand-new frugal install, using persistent home and opt)

Posted by John on Jan. 05 2006,09:16
RoGuE_StreaK,  the slit apps are gone from the desktop by design.  We are attempting to save space and have cross window manager usability by writing the same functionality into Lua-FLTX apps.

I am going to experiment with mimicking dock app functionality soon.  But, you should find mount.lua to have nearly the same functionality as mount.app and it is only 2.4k.

Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 05 2006,19:01
The volume / balance behavior is normal for QEMU/DSL Embedded.

If you want to control volume/balance, use your host operating system volume tool, like the one in the MSWindows task bar for example.

Posted by MethodOne on Jan. 06 2006,21:47
The lua mount app actually lets me access my flash drive without being root when plugging it in after boot.
Posted by eco2geek on Jan. 07 2006,10:34
Here's a small gripe FWIW: Torsmo moves to the left a tiny amount when some displayed value changes (not sure which it is yet), then moves back. Disconcerting when you catch it out of the corner of your eye.
Posted by doobit on Jan. 07 2006,21:36
Torsmo also does not start sometimes in JWM. I like that jwm uses 5% less memory than Fluxbox, but I occasionally need to restart the icons and torsmo with it, but never with Fluxbox. Also Xvesa works great on my old Toshiba Satellite pro 480CDT, but doesn't work so well with my new X2gen 19" LCD monitor on my newer 3 year old computer with a Nvidia MX400 agp card. On that the screen is skewed about 20 pixels to the left at the top of the screen. It returns that way even after I adjust the monitor manually and restart.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 07 2006,22:26

1. Does your jwm issue only happen on your new faster machine?
   I don't see it on my old slow boxes.

2. nvidia has known issues with tinyX. See the post under X.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 07 2006,23:23
eco2geek wrote:
Torsmo moves to the left a tiny amount

It is the CPU % going from 0% to 100& together with it being combined with number of processes being displayed.
Since .torsmorc is a simple text file, you can cut the line and make CPU% and Processes on separate lines to avoid this annoyance.
Maybe suggest your alternative.

Posted by doobit on Jan. 08 2006,03:50
I'm having the problem with jwm on the older machine, not the newer machine. The problem with the icons and Torsmo seem to be related. They happen the same time. I have to un Torsmo at the command line and restart x or use the icon manager to get the icons back.
Posted by roberts on Jan. 08 2006,07:31
How about increasing the sleep time in .xinitrc from 1 to say 3?
Does that help give time to get the icons and torsmo to fully display?

Posted by JeffElkins on Jan. 08 2006,19:11
Nmap and 2.1:

I added the nmap.dsl package to a stock iso and it ran w/o problems. However, when I added the untarred nmap to the source for a remaster, aterm quit working. It flashes, then closes.


Posted by JeffElkins on Jan. 08 2006,19:25
Add Nessus as well.

After adding Nessus to a stock 2.1 image then remastering, Aterm fails.


Posted by doobit on Jan. 08 2006,19:49
Changing sleep to 3 fixed the icon and Torsomo problem.

Maybe this belongs in a different thread, but double clicking on madwifi.dsl in emelfm seems to load it fine, but using the myDSL button sends the terminal into an endless loop of loading fonts, etc. and I have to ctrl-z to stop it.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 08 2006,20:03

Please check /etc/skel/.emelfm/buttons with .emelfm/buttons
They should be the same.

Also you can check Button behavior with the following:
grep mydsl .emelfm/buttons
myDSL=touch /tmp/emelfm_loaded;mydsl-load %d/%f

and then check double click behavior with:
grep mydsl .emelfm/filetypes
cloop and user files;uci;touch /tmp/emelfm_loaded;mydsl-load %d/%f
dsl;dsl;touch /tmp/emelfm_loaded;mydsl-load %d/%f

Shown here in bolded should be the same.

Posted by JeffElkins on Jan. 08 2006,22:40
Quote (JeffElkins @ Jan. 08 2006,14:25)
Add Nessus as well.

After adding Nessus to a stock 2.1 image then remastering, Aterm fails.


(embarrased cough...)

Nevermind.  I switched to a different dvd-rw for remastering and the problem departed. Bit-rot, I guess.

Posted by cc on Jan. 09 2006,09:52
Even if DSL has a newer kernel there are a number of computers where it will not be able to boot from USB yet featherlinux with an older kernel will be able to boot just fine - do they have something special in their USB configuration ? ???
Posted by frankseu on Jan. 09 2006,10:01
Thanks for the great 2.1 !

Can anyone tell me how to change the background of jwm ?
Or shall i asc in the X and fluxbox topic ?


Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2006,14:37
It uses the same tool as fluxbox and therefore the same location for the backgrounds

Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2006,14:41
cc, want an older kernel 2.4.26, we still offer dsl 1.5 and even older kernels, see the download archive section. Even dsl v05.3.1 for sx computers. Or was this just an advertisement?
Posted by cc on Jan. 09 2006,18:53
Quote (roberts @ Jan. 09 2006,09:41)
cc, want an older kernel 2.4.26, we still offer dsl 1.5 and even older kernels, see the download archive section. Even dsl v05.3.1 for sx computers. Or was this just an advertisement?

No, I would really like the latest kernel BUT I was just curious of what differences there are - I know very little about the initial scripts used in the very early stages and I managed to get to the point where I compare the original linuxrc (from inside minirt.gz) from DSL and featherlinux - there are not so many differences, only it seems that featherlinux is very early starting the USB modules (it has something like
USB_MODULES="usbcore.o ehci-hcd.o usb-ohci.o usb-uhci.o usb-storage.o"
very early and then something lke
# Load USB modules for booting
loadmodules USB $USB_MODULES
mount -t usbdevfs none /proc/bus/usb > /dev/null
# need to sleep because it takes some time to register things
sleep 4
echo "0" > /proc/sys/kernel/printk
a little later) but obviously I am not experienced enough to take those things from there to DSL and I was wondering if I could convince somebody that knows what he is doing to look at that ... sorry if that looks a little lame :(

Posted by cc on Jan. 09 2006,19:37
Please neglect my previous post - I finally managed to see the part from DSL where the same thing is done ...

# Check for USB, use modules on bootfloppy first
if test -z "$NOUSB"; then
echo -n "${CRE}${BLUE}Checking for for USB...${NORMAL}"
if test -f /modules/scsi/usbcore.o; then
$INSMOD /modules/scsi/usbcore.o >/dev/null 2>&1
for i in usb-uhci.o usb-ohci.o ehci-hcd.o ; do
test -f /modules/scsi/$i && $INSMOD /modules/scsi/$i >/dev/null 2>&1 && FOUNDUSB="yes"
if test -n "$FOUNDUSB"; then
test -f /modules/scsi/usb-storage.o && $INSMOD /modules/scsi/usb-storage.o >/dev/null 2>&1
# For an unknown reason, unloading usbcore hangs smetimes
# rmmod usbcore >/dev/null 2>&1
echo -n "${CRE}"
# End of USB check

That means that DSL and featherlinux will try pretty much the same thing yet only in featherlinux it will be able to go ahead and see my USB device - the ONLY difference that I can see is that in featherlinux the USB part seems to come earlier, even before SCSI and then those 4 seconds of extra delay ... could that be it ? ???

Posted by struppi on Jan. 09 2006,23:32
btw: i love netrik!

i'm not a big fan of textmode browsers, but this little app is great!

Posted by John on Jan. 10 2006,09:25
DSL-2.1 is out now, thanks for all the great feedback!
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