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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on April 25 2006,05:11
DSL v 2.4 Release Candidate 2 is now posted < here >

Change Log for DSL v2.4 Release Candidate
1. 64 cloops for UCI extensions.
2. "User"-less UCI now fully supported.
3. Added Tiny C compiler, tcc
4. Added rsync
5. Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua
6. New updated Ted wordprocessor with help from Ted's author.
7. New updated ndiswrapper v1.14 (latest stable).
8. Improved dmix and sound features, dual channel and save settings.
9. Adjustment in .xinitrc to better support foreign language keyboards.
10. More cleanup for space savings to accomodate upgraded software.

Posted by roberts on April 25 2006,05:17
The only file change that may be in your backup is the modified .xinitrc
John working with Ted Word Processor's Author fixed the issue with Ted and fluxbox.
I added the latest stable ndiswrapper as suggested in the RC feedback. Also the tweak to better support foreign keyboards. Please let me know before final is cut.
John also took the suggestions for the dmix and docked programs.
Enjoy this new release candidate, We look forward to your further ideas and suggestions.


Posted by enthusi on April 25 2006,09:57
Hi Roberts and others...
I updated the Tutorial for the Tiny C Compiler TCC working in DSL.
(It includes some explained source that generates an fractal-image)
In case someone is interessted I can host it for a while:

< TCC Tutorial V1.0 (tar.gz) >

You can unpack it manually with 'tar xzvf tcctut1.0.tar.gz' or even use 'load-mydsl' I think.
Roberts, what do you think of it? Found some time for a quick check?
How can I ul it as testing?

Have fun & thanks for the great work,

Posted by JB4x4 on April 25 2006,10:03
What is the "User"-less UCI?
Posted by roberts on April 25 2006,14:44
User-less UCI means that the embedded user.tar.gz inside the typical UCI is no longer a requirement. When I first came up with compressed extensions, CI type. They had a corresponding user.tar.gz. For example, the first open office was openofiice.ci and an oouser.tar.gz. This became openoffice.uci for ease of download and setup. Now with 64 cloops and no user.tar.gz required many system type compressed applications can be supported both dynamically and automatically at boot time.
Posted by roberts on April 25 2006,14:50
Hi enthusi,

Things have been very busy indeed.
Been trying to think of where it would best be hosted.
I think it should probably be placed with the other tutorials, eg, the Frugal HowTo, MyDSL howto, and we can have a TCC howto.

Thanks for your interest and contribution.

Posted by kerry on April 25 2006,18:10
Hey roberts, is there any way to get the workspace switcher back into the dock? It looks odd,out of place by itself.
Posted by doobit on April 25 2006,18:31
I don't have DSL right here, right now (shame on me) but as I recall, you can move around, add or remove, the workspaces by a menu item when you right click on the dock.

Posted by kerry on April 25 2006,19:03
Yeah, i can can move it around the dock using alt+left click+mouse, but i would much rather have it as part of the dock like the older versions. I want it like in this screen shoot->
< http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/2701/dsl5sj.jpg >

Posted by roberts on April 25 2006,19:16
You can control this with two files.

1. add the -w switch to fluxter in .xinitrc
2. edit .fluxbox/fluxter and change cols 2 and row 2

This will persist in your backup/restore.

Posted by kerry on April 25 2006,23:15
Thanks roberts, but it didn't work for me. It's okay though i'm going to go back to version 1.5 as i liked the old look and feel better. I also don't use that back/restore, i have 1 gig of ram so i just load into that and leave her on, no moving parts. In fact i was thinking of building one of those dead silent machines with only 1gig of ram. I want to just load it from a usb key toram and just leave her running. I'm still shopping around though, the ones in the dsl strore seem to be limited to 512ram for the fanless models(please let me know if i'm mistaken). One thing that pissed me off was i couldn't figure out how to burn a iso, i tried all the apps in dsl and couldn't get them to work,so i've got 5 copys of the dsl2.4rc2 iso on disk.lol. Finally i gave up and booted in xubuntu to burn the iso, all that precious uptime gone. That's why i'm building a comp just for dsl, I love to use it because it's so fast.

Ooop's sorry, i'm rambeling i've been up all night playing with that 2.4 and i'm just running on coffee and curiousity.

Posted by kerry on April 26 2006,00:45
My bag roberts, i got the workspace switcher to dock. I was putting the " -w " in the wrong place, i was putting it on the end when it needed to be in the middle( fluxter -w &>/dev/null &). Yes, i decided to give 2.4rc2 another go after i booted 1.5 and found it didn't detect my usb, lucky i looked at the xinitrc and saw why it wasn't docking. I also grabed a copy of fizzure2 style to use. I will attach a pic later after i get everthing set up.thanks your work is much appreciated.

< http://img474.imageshack.us/img474/9249/ver24rc28kn.jpg >
< http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/940/ver24rc24tc.jpg >

Posted by kerry on April 26 2006,02:22
Hey, i think there's a bug in something called  " whiptail "(according to top) it keeps running my cpu full on, i've had to kill it to stop it then the whole desktop crashes. Any one else getting that?
Posted by andrewb on April 26 2006,04:51
There is a problem with DMIX. It will not change the channel to be controlled.

Looking at the code it is due to the changes that John has made in the way DMIX works. A variable (nl) is being used before it has been assigned any value.

[John, Robert - I have been working on DMIX also & have a version ready to go. I'll email it later. This version also does away with the 'click to the next channel' button, replacing it with a drop-down list. I find this a better solution when there are a large number of channels (many not used frequently) as the channel required can be selected directly. This saves the frustration of clicking once too many times & going past the required channel.]

Posted by enthusi on April 26 2006,09:06
about TCC and a tutorial for it (right place here?):

actually I think a tutorial (if considered usefull :) is best situated right with tcc itself.
I have the kind of person in mind that runs DSL just somewhere, possibly even without inet-connection (actually on most machines I ran DSL there was no hardware or connection for internetaccess).
So for those DSL+TCC+tutorial is a real stand alone solution for some fun, exercise.
For example the whole tutorial started when I was bored at home with some real low-end machine and nothing but my DSL-minicd (that I always carry around :) with me.
Admittedly the C/TCC-community even among DSL-users might be rather small, but on the other end, its less than 24KB we're talking about.
Personally I have the feeling that DSL is THE perfect place for some C-beginners...

I'd be glad to read comments.
Here's the tut again for those who are interessted to check:

< TCC - Tutorial >

Have fun,
Martin /enthusi

Posted by kerry on April 26 2006,23:15
Hey that "whiptail running my cpu at max" might have just been a fluck. I did a total shutdown(my computers been on for at least 6 months) and a fresh toram install and i haven't seen that problem pop up again. So now it seems to be all good again.

< http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/4276/mydsl1rn.jpg >

Posted by John on April 27 2006,06:45
andrewb, thanks for submitting your modified dmix.  I am looking it over.  Also, thanks for finding out the DMIX  bug.

To fix that bug go to line 46 and replace:
if n > nl -2  then
if n > nlm -2  then

Posted by TotalImmortal on April 27 2006,13:38
putting tcc tutorila with tcc has my vote, it's 24KB and would be usefull for me personaly and maby some others too.. Ofcorse i usderstand the spece constraints, maby only practical for DSL-N.
Posted by ryptyde on April 27 2006,23:52
Been giving this release a try loaded it as a virtual machine earlier today and it it connected to the net flawlessly. I grabbed a screenshot while browsing this forum to post back here.

The GIMP was used to resize the image/filesize from 1024x768 to 800x600 for posting. Here's a clickable thumb to the larger img. I like running the virtual machine as it allows me to get screen captures of the boot and splash screens too.

< [img]http://www.onlinephotographers.com/gallery....mg] >

Posted by kerry on April 28 2006,08:38
Okay, that cpu running at max problem showed up again. This time it happened with gimp, the only difference was this time i couldn't kill it, the cpu was so locked up i had to use the reset button to reboot the computer.
Posted by maurin on April 28 2006,09:00
hi people
im new to dsl i started with dsl 2.0 but i always have problem with internet conection dialup and netcardconfig maiby the is the driver any new driver suport on version 2.4

Posted by ZoOp on April 28 2006,19:08
Dear Maurin,
the wiki is always a good address in order to check which wireless network card works with dsl. I have solve this problem by buying a cheap wireless network card functioning with dsl at ebay. If you have an on-board network card, check the forum in order to know how to use ndiswrapper and an appropriate winxp driver for your card.
Aim of dsl-team is to keep dsl at 50 MB or even under 50 MB, so I don't think that the team is going to add drivers. In order to have more features, please look at the pages about DSL-N, the new DSL distro, which has another kernel (2.16.11) and more weight (around 83 MB).

Posted by maurin on May 03 2006,11:02
the uci suport in v2.4rc2 is fantatik.but the tcc , it sad : stdio.h not found after the tcc -run comand.
another thing << can you people convert all program in "uci" i think is fabiolous and it save lot of ram too.

Posted by roberts on May 03 2006,16:45
the tcc , it sad : stdio.h not found after the tcc -run comand.

tcc uses  tcclib.h and not stdio.h

Posted by mikshaw on May 03 2006,17:33
Quote (maurin @ May 03 2006,07:02)
can you people convert all program in "uci"

It's possible, but often is not simply a "convert".

Extensions named *.tar.gz are a simple task, since they already have the same directory structure as a *.uci.

Extensions named *.dsl are not so simple.  Some may easily be made to run from /opt/something, but others require wrappers to set up the environment to adjust to the directory change, and still others need to be rebuilt from source because they expect to find support files in a set location.

Also, uci is a read-only filesystem, so building a uci package can be tricky if your program uses plugins or other dynamic parts.

Posted by mulanee on May 04 2006,19:31
My mouse isn't recognized with 2.4rc2.
It was with 2.3 and 2.2
I play with live CD at this step.

Posted by ZoOp on May 04 2006,23:48
Trying to run DSL-N on my laptop equiped with DSL 2.4 RC2 (frugal installed with grub boot loader from live cd through the usual DLS install option), I observe that I don't get the prompt of DSL-N. Insted of that, it runs grub, it then looks for the dsl image on the cd, and seems to load kernel 2.4.26 (very strange to me, since DSL-N have kernel 2.16.x). This also happens with DSL 2.4 RC1. It is then impossible to have DSL-N prompt.

Posted by roberts on May 05 2006,05:02
I would not suggest to try to run both DSL and DSL-N on the same system.
They are kissing cousins and without boot options both look for a KNOPPIX file, both will look for mydsl directory to autoload extensions and/or backup.tar.gz for automatic restoration. I suppose by using boot options bootfrom base and norestore or specifying a specific restore location,e.g., restore=hdxy mydsl=hdyx etc, one could carefully keep the cousins from kissing!

Posted by maurin on May 05 2006,08:02
thanks for the tcclib.h and the uci ecplenation :D .
i have another request a bluetuth suport  [B] ande for last do you people have a mirc chanel for direct questions .

Posted by ZoOp on May 05 2006,08:39
thanks a lot for your advice. I tried DSL-N on another machine and got the DSL-N prompt.
However, I have a question: I did a frugal install of the version 2.4 RC1 and then I replaced it with a frugal install of the version 2.4 RC2 on the same machine; in both cases, I choose the grub bootloader. But in both cases, when I put in my machine a cd with another version of DSL burned on it, I don't get the DSL prompt anymore (I don't have another distro in order to make a comparison; it should be done with another live-cd). Instead of that, my machine boots directly with grub runing and bringing me to the grub prompt, which is (or looks quiet like) the grub prompt I set up for my previous frugal install. Is this a new boot procedure? And if yes, what is the idea/concept/purpose?

Posted by roberts on May 05 2006,17:23
No new boot procedure.
If there is another liveCD distro thrown into the equation, I would not know how to answer. I would think which image to load would be specified via options specified in grub's menu.lst

Posted by ZoOp on May 06 2006,14:34

first of all: my machine is a vaio laptop PCG-FX802 (1500 mgh, 256 MB Ram).

My problem persists: using Knoppix 4.02 from live-cd (cd-rom is the first boot option in my bios) with DSL 2.4 RC2 installed on the machine (frugal with the grub bootloader), I can't get the prompt of the Knoppix live cd-rom 4.02; instead of it, I have the following:

GRUB loading Stage1.5.
GRUB loading, please wait...

and then I get my grub screen with the usual boot paramaters as they are in my menu.lst; then, it shows me the pinguin and the DSL logo, and nothing of the knoppix 4.02 live-cd.

In other words, when I put another live-cd in my machine in order to boot from this live-cd, grub is running instead, and doesn't let me get the prompt of the live-cd.
Any suggestion?

Posted by roberts on May 06 2006,16:42
If grub is installed on your hard drive then it sounds like a boot order issue which is typically set in BIOS. Or possibily your machine is having difficulty booting from cdrom and therefore failsover to booting from hard drive.
Posted by ZoOp on May 06 2006,17:48
thank you a lot for your prompt reply.
After check, I confirme: a) bios first boot option is cd-rom, then floppy and then HD; b) I neither have encountered a boot problem on cd-rom nor a mecanical cd-rom problem on this machine (when tipping this answer, I am actually viewing an old rory gallagher show with mplayer on my machine).
I don't understand the problem. Same problem with 2.4 RC1. After installing DSL 2.3 (frugal with grub), I don't have the problem. It remains a mystery to me.

Posted by kerry on May 13 2006,12:30
I say it's just 2.4 not being ready yet. It still has some weird bugs.
Posted by ZoOp on May 15 2006,06:48
Dear all,

the following as feedback concerning the signalized boot problem/grub issue in dsl 2.4 rc2.

After using several live-cd with my vaio laptop, I always have the same boot problem. I can't get any of the prompt of the live-cds put in my vaio. Grub loads directly, so that it is impossible to start from cd prompt. I have to init 2 and cfdisk, to repartition and format my hd, to put a live-cd (such as dsl 2.3) in the cd-rom and to run the computer. Then, I get the prompt of the live-cd again, the one of dsl 2.3 as well as other prompts from other live-cds (knoppix 4.02, slax last version, ubuntu last one, and even mepis linux last realease in my test).

At work, I have a PII workstation with dsl 2.4 rc2 (frugal install on the hd). I have experienced a lot of problems with this pc, such as mechanical problems with cd-rom, that sometimes boots and sometimes won't... So I was ready for a (sunday) afternoon playing with my computer at my office.

Given the previous advice of kerry, I would like to reinstall dsl 2.3. Because of the boot issue, I was ready to format and repartition my hd in order to get the prompt of dsl 2.3 live-cd. However, I didn't do that and tried to boot from cd instead, just in order to test. Guess what: The live-cd prompt of dsl 2.3 appears properly.

I am totally happy, it has taken 5 min. in order to get dsl 2.3 running again on my old PII. But I don't understand a bit why I got the prompt of the live-cd of dsl 2.3 with this old tower pc with a deadalive cd-rom, and not with my laptop which has never had one cd-rom problem.

I remain still asking, and nevertheless
happily yours

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