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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Oct. 24 2006,23:14
The second release candidate of DSL v3.1 is now posted.

Cummlative Change log for DSL-3.1RC2

*  Converted 54 Lua and Lua/Fltk programs to Lua 5.1.1 Fltk 1.1 via MurgaLua interface
*  Added right-click to MyDSL Icon for easy UCItool access
*  Improved Antiword fonts
*  Changed color escape codes to echo commands
*  Added TMPDIR environment variable
*  Dropped Original Lua/Fltk - flua
*  Edited .fluxbox menu. Configuration s/b Fluxbox Configuration
*  Added License section to "Getting Started" document
*  Cleanup code regarding DESKTOP & ICONS
*  Update stats.lua to read version from text file.
*  Added firefox adjustments for unionfs
*  Made unionfs the default boot. Use "legacy" option to skip.
*  Cleanup more /var/tmp to /tmp
*  Updated sqlite to 3.3.6
*  Made mydsl boot option consistent with restore boot option.
*  Enhanced exitcheck to warn if no backup device when requested to save special settings.
*  Added murgaLua Lua/Fltk development toolkit
*  Enhanced .torsmorc for ACPI battery indicator

As usual, you will find all four images of dsl-3.1RC2 < here >


Posted by roberts on Oct. 24 2006,23:19
Files that may be in your backup that have been updated.


Remember, the best way to test an RC is to first try booting with the base and norestore options.

Also note, we are back to our normal size.  :)

Posted by John on Oct. 25 2006,04:56
We also improved the mute and volume control interaction in the docked app and dMix.
Posted by andrewb on Oct. 25 2006,23:45
What is the change to .torsmorc with regard to the ACPI battery status?
Posted by roberts on Oct. 26 2006,16:17
torsmo generally worked well with APM but not ACPI.  The battery info is located at a different area for ACPI.


For typical systems APM or ACPI both should display battery state.

Posted by andrewb on Oct. 27 2006,00:36

I found a problem with the Toshiba Libretto 100CT with the v8.00 & 8.10 BIOS in that the directory under porc/acpi/battery is called MBAT. This would be usable with torsmo v0.18, but 0.17 only allows battery data to be in directories called BAT0/1/2/..... v0.18 allows any directory name to be specified for the lowest level. I guess this change to torsmo may have been to accomodate such systems.

In the interim using 'exec acpi -t' to get the battery (& temp) data for torsmo is good though the text produced does lead to torsmo spreading across the screen.

Posted by jls legalize on Oct. 27 2006,13:38
if /home/dsl/.mydsl file is missing, load local button in mydsl extension tool does not work.
I created that file putting this line inside:
and the button works.

legalize cannabis, etc

Posted by jls legalize on Oct. 27 2006,14:42
in mount tool I have a new volume called pts, what is it?

ps. is it possible to know how much money people donated to your project?

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Posted by roberts on Oct. 27 2006,16:06
Quote (jls legalize @ Oct. 27 2006,06:38)
if /home/dsl/.mydsl file is missing, load local button in mydsl extension tool does not work.
I created that file putting this line inside:
and the button works.

legalize cannabis, etc

Good find jls. Thanks for reporting.
I am not sure what would make a good starting default value, or if it should be wired up to /opt/.mydsl_dir

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 27 2006,17:10
This also seems to work:
Code Sample
if murgaLua.isFile("/home/dsl/.mydsl") then
     mydsl_dir = io.read("*line")
     mydsl_dir = "/"

If .mydsl exists, but is empty, the browser apparently defaults to the current directory. A .mydsl file containing a nonexistent directory also seems to be acceptible, although the browser is opened in limbo.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 27 2006,17:33
That "test" together with the io.input actually opens the file twice. Once in the test which then closes it, then again with the following io.input. I would rather to use io.open to which will allow control of error condition. Also, I would rather try to stay as generic Lua/Fltk as possible. Some of those tests as well as many others could also be easily added to our own functions5.lua. But then again, it becomes easy to use and not realize the overhead of what is happening, opening and closing files. If it were at the Lua base level via the os library then I would not have such concern. But then again that is my way of thinking.
Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 27 2006,17:39
it becomes easy to use and not realize the overhead of what is happening, opening and closing files
true. I usually think primarily about file size and noticeable performance differences, and not so much about what is actually happening. I'm sure it would be much more noticeable in a larger application running on a slower machine.

Would something like this work better, or am I doing the same type of redundant work?
Code Sample
 if dotmydsl then
   mydsl_dir = dotmydsl:read("*line")
   mydsl_dir = "/"

Posted by roberts on Oct. 27 2006,20:51
mikshaw, YES, now that's what I am talking about.
I prefer that approach.

But, I still don't really like the failover to /, which was my original post.
But "load local" is more than likely in lieu of the auto loading via the autoscanned "mydsl dir" or the boot time option of "mydsl=xxxx". So, I guess that failover shall remain until it becomes set via user navigation.

Posted by jls legalize on Oct. 28 2006,23:46
1) I don't really understand why we need /opt/.dslrc and /home/dsl/.mydsl.
2) Due to error in loading unc via mydsl icon I've changed /usr/bin/mydslinfo.lua to
Code Sample


-- (c) 2005, 2006 Robert Shingledecker
-- myDSL info display usually called from mydslBrowser


function parseInfo(infofile)
 local i,j = string.find(infofile,".info")
 if not i then
    return nil
 local basename=string.sub(infofile,1,i-1)
 local k,l = string.find(basename,'.dsl')
 if k then
    return basename
    m,n = string.find(basename,'.uci')
    if m then
       return basename
       o,p = string.find(basename,'.unc')
       if o then
          return basename
          return basename .. '.tar.gz'

-- Main
if #arg == 2 then
  library = arg[1]
  infofile = arg[2]
  print("usage: mydslInfo.lua [library_name infofile_name]")

os.execute("pkill mydslBrowser.lua")

mirror = getOption("/opt/.dslrc","Mirror")
protocol = getOption("/opt/.dslrc","Protocol")

os.execute('wget -q '..protocol..'://'..mirror..'/mydsl/'..library..'/'..infofile)

w = fltk:Fl_Window(wWidth,wHgth,infofile)

browser = fltk:Fl_Browser(0,0,wWidth,wHgth-30)
if not browser:load(infofile) then
  print("can't load ", infofile)

cancelBtn = fltk:Fl_Button(180,wHgth-28,70,25,"&Cancel")

downloadBtn = fltk:Fl_Button(255,wHgth-28,70,25,"&Download")
 extension = parseInfo(infofile)
 os.execute('mydslDownload.lua ' .. library .. ' ' .. extension)


Posted by roberts on Oct. 29 2006,01:50
I concur, good job, and thanks for your interest in testing.

1. I believe you meant /opt/.mydsl_dir which I have already made this change.

Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 31 2006,03:09
Messing around with 3.1RC2 on a slightly older machine, pII 333mHz, 288mb ram, 3gb harddrive, Gigabyte 868LX3 mobo, TNT2 32mb video

Shutting down using the fluxbox menu, I saw *one time* the message
/usr/bin/iconsnap.lua:52: unexpected symbol near ')'
I don't know why it was only that one time.

The default grub boot string usually resulted in a freeze of the X system (default x settings), but not every time.  Adding "legacy" seemed to fix that.

The ISA AudioDrive (sb) sound card was detected...haven't tested it yet.

Posted by Unknown User on Oct. 31 2006,16:16
Next version? :)
Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 01 2006,12:30
there is no themes category on the mydsl webpage.

legalize cannabis, etc.

Posted by Lope on Nov. 03 2006,02:42
Hello, Its my first time using linux, I know little about linux, but lots about PCs. I booted up DSL, i must say i'm very impressed, i like what you guys are doing here. I connected to ADSL with PPPOE etc, and then i browsed my shared folders on my windows PC (XP pro SP2) and then i tried to mount a share.
I spoke quite a bit with the guys on #linux on EFnet, they were really helpful.
Basically I got the error wrong fs type, bad option, or bad superblock
i typed lsmod and saw that smbfs was indeed loaded, then typed dmesg and got saw the error: smb_read_super: missing data argument
smbfs: mount_data version 1919251317 is not supported.
linux is WAY less scary for me now :) even though not a complete success. i wanted to play some MP3s in XMMS
(i'm trying to figure out if this is viable to run on one or two PCs in an internet cafe i'm helping set up)
and breaking the ice between myself and linux

Posted by andrewb on Nov. 03 2006,03:04
How is the version of torsmo in DSL compiled. I see it is only 38Kb for the binary. When I compile the version from sourceforge (using gcc with libs & the setting the -Os flag) the resultant binary is very much larger, around 200Kb.

torsmo 0.18 would still be a useful addition as it has more functionality, though there does seem to be a problem if no swap space is enabled (the program crashed with a "floating point exception"

Posted by roberts on Nov. 03 2006,03:38
We strip our binaries. At least, I try to remember to do that.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 03 2006,03:55
I have no idea if this is an issue with 3.1 specifically, since i don't use desktop icons myself, but i'm messing around with a DSL system for my brother and noticed a crash of the icontool.
Click the "Add" tab and then try to select an image, and this is what I get:

Code Sample
/bin/lua: /usr/local/bin/icontool.lua:260: attempt to index global 'selectoe' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
       /usr/local/bin/icontool.lua:260: in function </usr/local/bin/icontool.lua:259>
       [C]: in function 'run'
       /usr/local/bin/icontool.lua:374: in main chunk
       [C]: ?

Posted by roberts on Nov. 03 2006,04:19
Ah the dreaded e next to the r on the keyboard error. A typo indeed.
Thanks for testing and reporting.
With 50 programs that I converted, it is nice to have help in testing them all.

Posted by Lope on Nov. 03 2006,13:54
I dont know if i should have posted in the networking forum.

Can you please shed some light on my difficulty mounting a windows XP SP2 Pro share in DSL 3.1RC2? i got an error saying
smb_read_super: missing data argument
smbfs: mount_data version 1919251317 is not supported.

I tried specifying a user and pass, it didnt help.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 04 2006,04:58
I have no problem with smbclient or the extensions Samba/Linneighborhood for accessing XP SP2.
Without more specific detail cannot help.

Posted by Lope on Nov. 04 2006,11:07
Hi, thanks for the reply, these are the commands I used:
smbclient // -U myuser
(that worked, and i could browse the share)
mount -t smbfs // /home/dsl/music
(i made a dir called music in /home/dsl before that)
It says wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on //, or too many mounted file systems.
if i type dmesg it says:
smb_read_super: missing data argument
smbfs: mount_data version 1919251317 is not supported.
i8253 count too high! resetting...
smb_read_super: missing data argument
smb_read_super: missing data argument


Posted by Juanito on Nov. 04 2006,13:34
What version of the Knoppix CD corresponds to DSL 3.0.1 or 3.1 RC2?

(what I mean is what Knoppix CD can I boot to copy or compile drivers for 3.0.1 or RC2)

Posted by roberts on Nov. 04 2006,15:23
Lope, smbclient as implemented in DSL only supports the ftp like commands as described in the Getting Started document.
To actually mount shares requires the samba extension. Both samba,unc and samba.dsl work well for that task.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 04 2006,15:25
It is based on Knoppix 3.4

Posted by Juanito on Nov. 07 2006,12:37
But, after visiting the Knoppix site... as far as I can see knoppix 3.4 is based on Linux 2.6.6, do you mean 3.2, based on 2.4.21 or 3.3 based on 2.4.24 maybe?

Just checking before the 700MB download... :D

Posted by clivesay on Nov. 07 2006,13:20
Knoppix 3.4 is based on kernel 2.4.26. Download away! :)


Posted by roberts on Nov. 07 2006,14:03
Thanks to all for testing and providing helpful feedback
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