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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2007,06:09
DSL v3.2RC3 is now ready for testing.

Cumulative Change Log:

* Updted Broadcomm 10/100 module b44.o
* New allow boot option desktop=xxx to override backup.
* New alsa.unc and automated Alsa sound card detection.
* Added qemu-img, dsl-windows.bat and updated readme.txt for dsl-embedded.
* Fixed Stats missing processes.
* Fixed Emelfm Superuser from menu.
* Dropped Synaptic & Enable Apt from menus - use Synaptic and dsl-dpkg extensions.
* Dropped Update to GNU Utils from menu - use gnu-itils.unc or gnu-utils.dsl.
* Updated dsl2unc to remove WORK directory upon completion.
* Added wpasupplicant.
* New Mouse Config Lua GUI.
* Added default tone generator for XMMS.
* Improved MyDSL download via the Lua GUI - implemented server side parsing.
* Moved powerdown to use standard rc scripts.
* New dsl-dpkg.unc and adjustments to core.
* dsl-pendrive.bat for Qemu to detect booted pendrive.
* dsl2unc converter
* Updated madwifi-ng modules.
* Updated busybox with >2GB file support.
* New Cron - A perl cron, with new boot option 'cron' and toggle from control panel.
* New boot option "checkfs".  Usage: dsl 2 checkfs - for frugals: dsl 2 toram checkfs
* Simplified MyDSL structure using the level 1 default autoscanned /mydsl directory or user specified level one directory which contains extensions, and optionally the 'optional' subdirectory and/or a 'modules' subdirectory. Dropped now unneeded 'modules' boot time option and support for extensions at level 1.
* New mkmydsl - Simplified Custom iso maker now even easier than before and supports new MyDSL layout and works for both isolinux and syslinux CD versions. Also supports booting with toram or not. On low resource machines boot with:   dsl base norestore mydsl{=hdXY{/dirname}}
* Updated MyDSL to support direct downloading to all supported and mounted drives/directories.
* Added volume setting to persist via .umix
* Added default Netscape to call Firefox
* Added a default .desktop to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Updated xsetup.sh to add .xserverrc to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Fixed bad default X & Y for Aterm.lnk
* Fixed hard drive install permmision problem on /opt/.mydsl_dir
* For hard drive installs, perform regenerate ld.so.cache and modules.dep only upon first boot.
* Updated "Getting Started" with the new MyDSL simplified directory structure.
* Updated Qemu to 0.8.2 - dropped 60MB virtual hard drive - read the new readme.txt!

Enjoy -


Download < here. >

Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2007,06:10
Updated files that are likely in your backup.


Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2007,06:12
If alsa.unc and gnu-utils.unc are in your mydsl search path and the alsa boot option is present, then alsa sound wil be auto detected and setup during system boot up.
Posted by Juanito on Jan. 09 2007,14:37
I'm not sure if this is 3.2 RC specific because I never tried it before, but...

Using the right-click menu apps/net/microcom resulted in the display flashing but nothing else happening - I was expecting a terminal program to be able to "talk" to a modem??

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 09 2007,14:48
I like the sound of the alsa auto-detect on boot - on an ancient system that I'm trying to intoduce to DSL, I just don't have enough space to include both alsa.unc and gnu-utils.unc on the boot device (I use samba to connect to a network drive after boot) - is it possible to initiate the auto-detect after boot?
Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2007,14:55
microcom works OK for me.

Without options it scans all four serial ports.
For me, with my Lucent winmodem, I must use it as

microcom -D/dev/modem

Then issuing the AT command results in the expected OK

Posted by roberts on Jan. 09 2007,14:58
Alsa sound autodetect after boot is described in the alsa.unc.info file.

sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-config


place that command in /opt/bootlocal.sh

perhaps after your samba connection commands.

Posted by ricciolo on Jan. 09 2007,18:33
Hi, I'm new on this forum..
Is possible to update ndiswrapper to support more win drivers in further versions of DSL?


Posted by Juanito on Jan. 10 2007,08:38
Quote (roberts @ Jan. 09 2007,13:55)
microcom works OK for me.

Without options it scans all four serial ports.

I think that must have been the problem - since there is no modem on /dev/ttyS0-3, using the right-click menu to bring up microcom did not appear to do anything.

When I tried the following from a terminal window, things appeared to work fine:

# microcom -D/dev/rfcomm0

Thanks for the clarification

Posted by anam on Jan. 10 2007,09:55
Is it just me or does DSL 3.3rc3 boot like lightning ?

its a fair bit faster on the 3 or 4 machines I've run it up on.

And I haven't found any issues (yet). Thanks Roberts

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 11 2007,15:28
Quote (roberts @ Jan. 09 2007,13:58)
Alsa sound autodetect after boot is described in the alsa.unc.info file.

sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-config


place that command in /opt/bootlocal.sh

perhaps after your samba connection commands.

I tried this (after first unloading the audio, es1370 & soundcore modules) and it works fine:

# sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-autoconfig [note autoconfig...]
Preparing modules for alsa...
Building card database..
Configuring ens1370...
Running update-modules...
Creating snddevices...
Setting default volumes...


Posted by roberts on Jan. 11 2007,15:49
You shouldn't have to remove the OSS modules, if you boot with the alsa boot code.

And if your alsa.unc and gnu-utils.unc are in the mydsl search path, avalble at boot time, then with the alsa boot code, you get automatic boot up alsa.

Posted by Juanito on Jan. 11 2007,18:04
I'm using a floppy "fromusb" boot on this machine at the moment with a 64MB usb stick so I didn't have too many options with the alsa boot code and having alsa/gnu-utils in the search path.

I did notice that, although samba.unc was in /sda1/mydsl on the usb stick, the floppy boot seemed to stop it being found.

No matter, the aim is to make a frugal hd install on this machine, and I just managed to partition the ntfs hd using ntfsprogs to make room for DSL...

Posted by jls legalize on Jan. 13 2007,19:34
while loading amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver5.dsl the system crashes, the same with nerolinux.

legalize cannabis, etc.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 13 2007,22:02
jls: unionfs and dsl's arent meant to be used together afaik...
If this is the case, probably something in those extensions are overwriting something that was on the unionfs layer.
You can convert them into uncs, or boot into legacy, or edit those extensions.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 13 2007,23:06
I have posted about this < before >.

I have even posted a < Notice to Extension Builders >

Base system drirectories do not belong in a dsl extension. These are improperly made extensions.

You can actually run a properly created dsl extension with unionfs, not that that would be desireable.
I have only stated not to do so because, I have not had time to
police every extension submitted and lately many dsl extensions are not in compliance.

If you simply tar -ztf amsn-tcltk-095-ver5.dsl you will quickly and easily see the non-complicance.

Easy fix for any such extension, using the above as an example:

1. tar -ztf amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver5.dsl > list
2. Using your favorite editor, edit list and delete base system directories
3 tar -T list -czvf amsn-tcltk-0.95-ver5.dsl


Posted by Jurgen272 on Jan. 16 2007,10:31
I'm trying to use the alsa boot option. (With alsa.unc and gnu-utils.unc installed). Everything boots fine, but I have no sound +  Dmix crashes when I try to change anything in it.

Flash 9 Beta seems to like the alsa settings more (no more crashes) but youtube without sound :(

System : HP t5720 (driver i810_audio is used when booted without alsa)

SORRY : Was using RC2.  I'll give it a try with RC3

Posted by Selim on Jan. 17 2007,13:23
Using mkmydsl i've made a custom iso with some *.dsl extensions in it. I still have a /mydsl directory (In order to put there extensions i want to test and for *.uci and *.unc (Adding them to a custom live-cd makes this live-cd unmountable). The problem is the extensions in the /mydsl directory aren't detected at boot time. Is it normal? Any workarounds?

Btw i saw that one can have a "modules" subdirectory in /mydsl. What is it for? Does it mean that if one copies an xxx.o file there, modprobe isn't needed?

Posted by roberts on Jan. 17 2007,16:54
The modules subdirectory is for extra modules to be insmod at boot time.  I will take a look at mkmydsl, but for now, if I recall, it was setup to use the optional directory and or you can always add mydsl-load(s) in /opt/bootlocal.sh
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