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Posted by roberts on Feb. 20 2007,06:17
The first release candidate of DSL v3.3 is now ready for testing.

* Added mouse configuration persistence via .mouse_config.
* Improved rdesktop - added color depth.
* ALSA sound autoconfiguration improvement via conflicting audio module.
* Automated start of rcfirewall upon boot when rcfirewall.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added auto start of gtk2 when gtk2 extension is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Removed non-boot SCSI modues, now a unc and autoloaded when scsi.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added legacy option to lowram boot image label.
* Added lowram check to .xinitrc - prevents Dillo and Torsmo from starting.
* Updated bootfloppy.img to fix the 16MB memory/ramdisk bug.
* New dsl-split.lua a DSL KNOPPIX file dump to diskettes.
* Updated boot image "install" menu - dslinstall to support new options.
* Created a DSL FreeDOS utilitities diskette bootfloppy-utils.img for access to DOS installaton tools - linld, loadlin.
* Added declobber.sh to remove troublesome extraneous system directories in MyDSL extensions.
* Restored original b44.o module, should resolve hard drive netcard issues in v3.2.
* Fixed typo bug in mkmydsl.
* Fixed bug in frugal_lilo.sh when installing from a file.
* Fixed man script to support hard drive installations.

Download < here >

Thanks to WDef for the declobber script and to MakodFilu for the mods to rdesktop.

Please note that a change to .xinitrc which is likely in your backup.
You should compare and copy the new updated version from /etc/skel/.xinitrc


Posted by andrewb on Feb. 21 2007,06:00
I have noticed that the mount app in the dock doesn't seem to be working as it used to. So far I have only tested 3.3RC1 under VMware, but version 3.1 doesn't show the fault. The fault is that the 'mounted/unmounted' button doesn't change the text or colour once clicked to mount a drive (in my case I have an iso image loaded as CDROM1 on the virtual machine). If the button is clicked more than once a message appears saying that /dev/scd1 is already mounted as /mnt/auto/cdrom1. (i.e. the drive cannot be unmounted using a second click on the button - the system seems to want to mount the drive again)

On checking mtab this is indeed what the line in the file says. However under version 3.1 the corresponding line in mtab reads /dev/cdrom1 (not /dev/scd1 as in version 3.3RC1). Version 3.2 displays the same behaviour as 3.3rc1, I just hadn't bothered to track down the cause.

The virtual machine was identical for all versions tested, all I did was change the name of the iso used to boot the virtual machine in the .vmx configuration file used by VMware.

Has something been changed between versions 3.1 & 3.2 that would cause the drives to be assigned different device names?

Great work on autoloading GTK2 on startup! Keep up the innovation.


Posted by Juanito on Feb. 21 2007,10:22
I tried out 3.3rc1/declobber on a few dsl packages - mainly because I'm trying to figure out why I can no longer use "make menuconfig" to recompile - my apologies if this is the wrong place to post.

First off, my own post, hsfmodem.dsl, must be some kind of record at 169 clobber_list directories... :blush:

I ran declobber on gcc1-with-libs.dsl, gcc1.dsl (10 directories each) and gnu-utils (1 directory) and then loaded gcc1-with-libs/gnu-utils:

1. make menuconfig gave the following error:

# make menuconfig
rm -f include/asm
( cd include ; ln -sf asm-i386 asm)
make -C scripts/lxdialog all
make[1]: Entering directory `/ramdisk/usr/src/linux-2.4.26/scripts/lxdialog'
/usr/bin/ld: unrecognized option '--as-needed'
/usr/bin/ld: use the --help option for usage information
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

>> Unable to find the Ncurses libraries.
>> You must have Ncurses installed in order
>> to use 'make menuconfig'

make[1]: *** [ncurses] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/ramdisk/usr/src/linux-2.4.26/scripts/lxdialog'
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 2

gcc1-with-libs does contain Ncurses so I'm wondering if declobber somehow "clobbered" this?

2. I loaded the *.dsl packages via a terminal window, saw the prompt return and then minimised the window - later on, I saw a couple of error messages in the window, even though I had not touched it:

~$ mydsl-load /mnt/sda1/temp/gcc1-with-libs_noclobber.dsl
~$ mydsl-load /mnt/sda1/temp/gcc-2.95_noclobber.dsl      
~$ mydsl-load /mnt/sda1/temp/gnu-utils_noclobber.dsl

~$ /bin/lua: /usr/sbin/cpanel.lua:169: bad argument #1 to 'input' (/tmp/                                pipe.lua: No such file or directory)
stack traceback:
       [C]: in function 'input'
       /usr/sbin/cpanel.lua:169: in main chunk
       [C]: ?

I'm not sure if this is related to the first error, but it is the first time a terminal window acted like this on me.

I think declobber is an excellent idea - maybe its working directory/output could be moved to /ramdisk/tmp to avoid it being unwittingly backed-up from /home/dsl though.

Posted by WDef on Feb. 21 2007,14:37
Thanks Juanito for the declobber feedback - I've been waiting for a bug report!

1. Am I right to assume these errors (which?) were absent using the un-declobbered extensions?  If not, please test with the raw un-declobbered extensions and report back.

2. Which version of declobber is in the RC - I made some minor changes recently (posted)?

I just ran declobber v0.2.1 on gcc1-with-libs.dsl - at first glance it doesn't seem to be touching ncurses.

Re work dir: you can set this to /tmp or whatever at the top of the script.

Posted by bokaroseani on Feb. 21 2007,15:22
Looks great. Thanks for all the improvements.

Can I make a request for the next release candidate? It would help for lazy people like me if the script for frugal install also included questions on how we would like to configure our default grub or lilo boot options (such as adding toram, mydsl=hda5 etc etc.). That way we would not have to go find menu.lst file and make edits there unless we want to include more extensive list of menus in the boot loader. Everything gets configured right at the time of the frugal install. Not sure if I am the only one wanting to have this feature but I will let the developers decide if this will help others.

Thanks again for all the good work.

Posted by WDef on Feb. 21 2007,16:30
Some of my results:

Juanito are you also loading gcc-2.95.dsl  (you don't indicate that you are)?  If not I'm wondering if you edited the kernel makefile so that HOSTCC=gcc, and not HOSTCC=gcc-2.95.

Leaving gnu-utils.dsl out of the equation (uninstalled) for now, if I install the un-declobbered gcc1-with-libs.dsl, I don't get the error with the unedited makefile.

If I install the declobbered gcc1-with-libs.dsl without gnu-utils, I get a similar error to yours (though not the ld part).

If I edit the makefile to point at gcc instead of gcc-2.95, the error with the declobbered gcc1-with-libs dissappears and the ncurses menuconfig gui appears ok.

Posted by Juanito on Feb. 21 2007,17:50
Quote (WDef @ Feb. 21 2007,13:37)
1. Am I right to assume these errors (which?) were absent using the un-declobbered extensions?  If not, please test with the raw un-declobbered extensions and report back.
I can no longer make it work with the original extensions but there error is different.

Quote (WDef @ Feb. 21 2007,15:30)
Juanito are you also loading gcc-2.95.dsl  (you don't indicate that you are)?  If not I'm wondering if you edited the kernel makefile so that HOSTCC=gcc, and not HOSTCC=gcc-2.95.
Yes, I'm loading gcc-2.95 but no, I am not changing HOSTCC
I'll do some more testing and get back to you.

Posted by Juanito on Feb. 21 2007,17:55
Different subject...

I tested the modified alsa boot code - the audio module does not seem to be getting in the way now and the alsa drivers for my Soundblaster128 load on boot successfully - there are some warnings during boot, but it sounds fine - thanks.

'Looking forward to acpid in RC2 :D

Posted by WDef on Feb. 21 2007,18:52
I can no longer make it work with the original extensions

If you can't get the ncurses menuconfig gui working with the raw extensions, sounds like something is broken which is unrelated to declobber.

I'm loading gcc-2.95, gcc1-with-libs, and gnu-utils (in that order) and running make menuconfig on prepared sources (kernel and modules already compiled) and the ncurses menuconfig gui is working fine.

EDIT: But I'm on dsl-2.1b (not this RC) at the moment for ipw2200.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 21 2007,23:15

Lots of changes occured to the mount.app. Dynamic list to support hotplug usb devices, and proper order of devices beyond 9.
However, as also reported by jls the cdrom broke.

I have it working now, and will be in RC2.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 21 2007,23:19

Thanks for the feedback on the auto Alsa setup.
I have tried to make some room, so that I can add some new features like acpid.

Posted by Juanito on Feb. 22 2007,08:01
[quote=WDef,Feb. 21 2007,17:52]
If you can't get the ncurses menuconfig gui working with the raw extensions, sounds like something is broken which is unrelated to declobber.

Indeed - after turning around in many, many circles, first loading one extension, then loading the other, etc, etc - I went back to the beginning and discovered the DSL .config was currupted (or more likely, mixed with the DSL-N one). Aaaaargh.

So, the declobbered gcc-2.95, gcc1-with-libs and gnu-utils appear to work fine - as you noted, gcc-2.95 needs to be loaded before gcc1-with-libs otherwise it kills ncurses.

Posted by curaga on Feb. 22 2007,15:34
This is just a suggestion - but using upx on some binaries would help a lot in making room. Not the kernel or so, but some small ones like nano for example. The one in dsl is about 48k stripped, one with more features compiled in is about 150k stripped, but after using upx --brute on the bigger one, it became 47k. And I do notice the unpacking overhead on a P1 100mhz where I tested it, but it's only about 0.3 seconds. So I think it would be worth it ;)
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 22 2007,16:06
curaga: I believe they have already looked at upx, and because DSL is made to be more compatible with older hardware that usually comes with less memory and speed, they did not want to use it.
Posted by bsn on Feb. 25 2007,22:05
Trying 3.3RC1 because eth0 disappeared on 3.2. Corrected. Thanx for the work!
But DSL panel still not working at all...As in 3.2....Even by menu

Posted by roberts on Feb. 25 2007,23:00
I often use DSLpanel and have experienced no problems.
I just tested on traditional hard install with no issues.

Would need more information on your setup?
Perhaps open an xshell window and run cpanel.lua and report back any errors.

Posted by bsn on Feb. 26 2007,11:04
Hi Roberts
in a xshell window cpanel --> command not found
cpanel.lua is working
On the desktop, I modified the properties ot the cpanel icon from cpanel to cpanel.lua  --> now working
In the system menu, still not working. Where can I modify the properties of the menu?

Posted by roberts on Feb. 26 2007,15:13
You didn't follow the 'upgrade' procedure for v3.2, where .fluxbox/menu and .xtdesk/Cpanel.lnk in your existing backup needed to copied from /etc/skel
Posted by nitrous9200 on Feb. 26 2007,22:58
My control panel is working fine. Sometimes Firefox just randomly shuts down while doing web browsing, usually while viewing Flash but other times as well. That seems to be my only problem. I do want to find out how to remove mydsl extensions since the wiki hasn't been much help. (coming from windows some things don't make sense at first, but still, i'm a happy DSL user!)
Posted by MakodFilu on Feb. 26 2007,23:16
I have delivered a somewhat prettier version of rdesktop.lua

Also I crudely mimicked gRun in a tiny lua app I named flRun.lua v0.0.1 :)

Still struggling with flFind, that intends to be a poorman gtkFind sibling.

Posted by roberts on Feb. 26 2007,23:42
MakodFilu, I will look for them before I post RC2.
Posted by kore on Mar. 02 2007,12:01
Sorry if this was the wrong thread to post this.

UPDATE1: after doing a "sudo fdisk -l" ; found that the HDD was listed as "hdb" & without a partition table.
Then "sudo cfdisk /dev/hdb" got me control to create partitions.
Then "write" command made DSL hang.
2 more tries (on both 6GB Quantum HDD & 60GB Maxtor HDD); same result.

Hi all & KUDOS on DSL.  :D

I have test installed DSL3.2 on 4 notebooks & 3 desktops in the past month, & DSL works great.

Just wanted to point out a problem I encountered from my testing with DSL3.2 & 3.3rc1. I can't detect IDE HDDs (a 6GB & a 60GB) on an old AMDK2/266Mhz (PC100 Mobo); using cfdisk ver2.11z.    ???

But using PuppyLinux or VectorLinux, I can detect the HDDs. The reason why I want to use DSL is because of legacy hardware support (serial mouse). PuppyLinux's detection of my serial mouse is 50% of the time only (other 50% detects as PS/2 and won't work). VectorL is 0%.

The difference is DSL 3.2/3.3rc1 is using cfdisk ver2.11z ; while puppylinux is using cfdisk ver2.12q .

I also tried using QTParted v0.4.4 (from myDSL) and it detected the HDDs & properties. But when I tried to remake the partition table, DSL3.2 hanged & required a reboot. 2nd try, same result.

*Just wondering if a newer version of cfdisk will be included in DSL3.3 or if there is a workaround.


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