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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2007,21:04
Cumlative change log for v4.1RC2

* Completed support for alternate window managers.
* Removed background/wallpaper control from dfm and .xinitrc
* Created /opt/.backgrounds, use xsri in window file include
* Updated wallpaper.lua to use new structure
* Updated "Getting Started" with Esc and Backspace key definitions for dfm

* New boot option user=name
* New boot option settime settime=its_server_name (must have boot time net access) use with tz=XX/Yyyyy for accurate local time.
* New mini-icons in jwm mydsl menu when available.
* New iconView.lua - View & Edit xpm icons.
* Updated torsmo to v0.18 - now supports noswap
* Updated .dfminfo now a plain text file.
* Updated processing order of extensions with .tar.gz now last to better support myconf.tar.gz
* Root menu solely under user control - defaults to selected window manager menu.
* Added 'toram' to frugal installed grub checkfs menu item.
* Updated several murgaLua programs to reflect the dropped fl_ask GUI widget.
* Dropped SWM - Small Window Manager.
* Fixed System.map link error.
* Better support for alternate window managers. - see /opt/.mydsl_menu/ and ~/.{wm}.inc
* Streamlined MyDSL download procedure - dropped use of sudo and download location prompt.
* Dropped unsued emelfm wrapper.

Many, many programs, files, and their locations have changed to support the new user=name option and the new window manager support.
Most noteably .filetool.lst and .xfiletool.lst are now under /opt.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2007,21:08
Files that have changed since v4.1RC1 that are likely in your backup.


Note: .fluxbox/background was a directory is now a link to /opt/.backgrounds/ the common backgrounds/wallpaper collection that is window manager netrual.

This is the last of the major structrual changes to 4.x.
I plan to release v4.1 soon.

-- Robert

Posted by kuky on Nov. 19 2007,22:54
where is rc2?

in ver4 rc1

what  is "Make sure that apps using a command window have "aterm -e !o!"

i added "aterm -e" previous to !o! and no run ,  in option menu after drag and copy

i added "aterm -e" and path to opt/firefox209.es/firefox and no run .....with click in  emlfm run ok ...

somebody can explain steep by steep to make a drag and copy and commands change... i have mount the uci and have the program in /opt/firefox209.es/firefox


Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2007,23:09
I just posted RC2 it will take some time to get to all the mirrors.

Your issue is one of properly building UCI extensions.
Your firefox uci extension has no embedded user.tar.gz.
The user.tar.gz should contain a fluxbox standard menu item and both a xtdesk icon for v3 and an xpm icon for v4 support.

If you have questions on how to build an extension, please post in the proper section. It is not an RC issue. I would suggest to start by loading other existing UCI extensions and look at the user.tar.gz in their /opt/xxxx directory. This is the part that you are missing.

Posted by jpeters on Nov. 20 2007,03:08
Quote (kuky @ Nov. 19 2007,17:54)
somebody can explain steep by steep to make a drag and copy and commands change... i have mount the uci and have the program in /opt/firefox209.es/firefox


The problem is that your firefox app needs to run in the same directory as its supporting files.  Create a symbolic link, and then you can drag it to the desktop and it works fine.

Thus: "ln  -s /opt/ firefox-2.0-gtk1/firefox ."

Posted by roberts on Nov. 20 2007,03:39
That will work but is certainly not desireable.

Extensions made available to the public should not require the user to perform such step.
Performing such step is not desired for any extension, as they would not be cleaned up upon reboot or even un-mount.
To do so breaks the MyDSL system and causes a mess on the desktop.
It is these incorrectly made extensions that are causing grief and complaints.
Please make extensions made available to the community correctly

If you need a wrapper script to properly launch then provide such.

Well made application extensions at minimum should provide a menu and should be in the user's path.
At best they should provide icons for both v3 and for v4.

If you make links to MyDSL extensions on the desktop, you will end up icons that appear to not work, when the uci is un-mounted, or when a frugal or livecd is reboot and the extension is not auto reloaded.

Extensions should support all operating modes of DSL and not just traditional hard installation.

This is standard operation specifications for extensions.

Posted by jpeters on Nov. 20 2007,04:10
Sounds reasonable.  Is there a process in place to ask the extension creator to resubmit with a menu?  For purposes of this board, the point is more that 4.x is working fine.
Posted by roberts on Nov. 20 2007,04:22
That is what the MyDSL Testing area of the forum is all about.
To test and give feedback to extension creators. Extension creators should accept the responsibly to vist the testing area to answer questions and concerns regarding their contributions.

The Testing area for extensions is like this RC thread is for testing the base DSL versions that I am preparing for release.

Posted by jpeters on Nov. 20 2007,04:25
fwiw,   the app in question is in the UCI section.
Posted by meo on Nov. 20 2007,07:56

The DSL 4.1RC2 seems to work very nice. I'm truly thankful that the background selector works perfectly as far as I can tell. Thank you for all the hard work Robert! Now I can write an updated Remastering HOWTO.

Have fun guys,

Posted by wavetel on Nov. 20 2007,23:52
Ive just run up RC2 and found the same issues as RC1 with the DFM context menu. Ive run this up on 2 machines and get the same issue.

Each time I run up DSL the right click on the desktop produces the DSL menu. We have lost the desktop context menu.. This has had a mention before.

Sure if I right click on an icon and use the submenu DFM for X-11 and then turn on the Desktop context menu I can get it back.. The big thing with this context menu is the Mount submenu. I have as yet found no other place I can access this.
The old mount tool per DSL v3 is gone.

How on earth are newbees going to figure out this set of steps?  Its a pain having to do this each time its booted up as well.. It just seems silly..

I could allways learn and remember the mount command from a terminal I guess but that will take me just as long to execute if not longer.

I hope this is just a slip up. What about another mount tool or access to mount menu somewhere else in the system?

Posted by roberts on Nov. 21 2007,00:13
You certainly don't need the DFM root context menu to mount!

You can right click on any icon and the mount options are there.

Perhaps you missed it. It is the second from the top. Right under where you are switching root menu to DFM for X11.

Just as DFM, Desktop File Manger, provides mount options, so too does emelfm file manager. Emelfm: select bookmarks, select /mnt.  There you will see a list of mount points, right click on one and there is mount and umount for you to choose.

DFM, is much easier and you can basically access the mount list from ANY icon.

Posted by jpeters on Nov. 21 2007,04:22
In 4.0, there's a .dfmdesk/Apps/System/MountTool link to non-existent  /usr/local/bin/mount.lua.  (probably already known by everyone but me and removed in 4.1?)
Posted by wavetel on Nov. 21 2007,12:42
I take it all Back .. I just have to open my eyes and change my way of thinking and find its better than I realised. I love the mount option in emlfm . Thats probably been there a while. Great.
Posted by JohnJS on Nov. 23 2007,00:09
Posted this previously in incorrect forum.

With dfm siag file opens with Beaver.

Changing options/shellcommand makes it open correctly.
Each new siag file still need shellcommand change.

At shutdown error refers to line 86.
Siag files open correctly from emelfm without shellcommand change.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 23 2007,01:57
The fall through for dfmext is beaver.
Will add the .siag to the file .dfmext. Thanks for reporting.

You can the following line to dfm's extension assocation file /opt/.dfmext

*.siag;/usr/share/dfm/icons/spreadsheet.xpm;siag !0!

Or you can use the GUI tool for dfmext in the Apps -> Tools folder.

Caution order of the lines in .dfmext are order in which they are processed.

Posted by humpty on Nov. 23 2007,07:14
there is a 'sed' line  in mountci which removes an app's entry in the
right click menu while un-loading a .uci.
i think it also removes it from the 'Install Optional Extensions' too,
which means you can't get to it again after un-loading it.

edit: also, after unloading a .uci, additional loading cannot add
to the MyDSL menu even though the app is loaded. perhaps something wrong with my installation (it is not fresh) since RC1.
i think its the permission with desktop.sh in mountci.

i'm also finding the xsri wallpaper is not always loading, so I put a 'sleep 1' just before it.
('esc' on an empty desktop will also not re-load the wallpaper, just
have to remember not to do that.)

Posted by roberts on Nov. 23 2007,16:42
I agree with the sed issue, will fix.
The second loading of a uci work fine for me. Cannot reproduce
Esc on an empty desktop would be an update only under control of dfm, since dfm is not controlling the background it would not update it.

Posted by humpty on Nov. 23 2007,21:33
>..after unloading a .uci, additional loading cannot add to the MyDSL menu

ok, did a fresh install. it only happens with fluxbox.
for some reason, /opt/.mydsl_menu/fluxbox/menu has it's ownership changed to root:root
after every unload. thus, the next load can't change it.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 23 2007,22:14
humpty, Good find. I fixed it. Thanks!
Posted by jls legalize on Nov. 24 2007,12:00
It seems that the netcardconf script still uses /home/dsl/.filetool.lst instead of the new /opt/.filetool.lst

legalize cannabis, etc.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 24 2007,14:06
Good find, jls.
Thanks for reporting!

Posted by kuky on Nov. 24 2007,20:31
solved to create a icon to access ...kukydsl uci style...
when i add a line menu to mydsl by the procedure to create a file in /tmp/mydsl.menu its generated a icon.app in mydsl folder that can drag and copy and its executable in desktop...

also if drag and copy a file to desktop can make a right click in the icon and create a new program icon writing the path to exec file...

i am working hard to change my ucis programs to add icons and user.tar.gz. Can be usefull to add lines to wiki in the part of create uci programs because i only made the uci without icons and menus..

thanks to robert by your patient...

pd in ver 3.4.6 i can not make add line in mydsl menu...

Posted by dans34 on Nov. 24 2007,23:03
on boot i get modprobe errors

modprobe :  no such file or directory

whats happening ?

Posted by roberts on Nov. 25 2007,01:08
Perhaps you are running frugal? Perhaps you only copied the knoppix file and not the other ( linux24 and minirt24.gz)? You must have a matching set or you will get many modprobe errors. If not that then perhaps a bad burn/copy on boot media
Posted by dans34 on Nov. 25 2007,14:08
im using the < Loadlin_Install > method is there a way to remove the errors or stop modprobe from starting
Posted by roberts on Nov. 26 2007,00:06
Thanks to all for testing this RC.
Thanks for the bug reports, ideas, suggestions and contributions.
It is for the community that I do DSL.

Moving on to RC3.
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