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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Mar. 25 2008,18:55
Change log for v4.3RC1

* Updated murgaLua to v0.6.6.
* Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.7.
* Updated and consolidation of mydslBrowser with new mydslBrowser.lua.
* New picture puzzle added to Games collection.
* New calculator.lua replaces calcoo.
* Optomized minirt24.gz - much smaller.
* New background and theme for both JWM and Fluxbox.
* Improved removal of mydsl extensions on traditional hard drive installations.
* Dropped SCSI modules for needed space - available in the modules section.

Thanks goes to many community members for ideas, suggestions and contributions that make this release possible.

-- Robert

Posted by roberts on Mar. 25 2008,18:58
Files that have changed and likely in your backup.


Before reporting issues please test by booting with the base norestore options.

Posted by jaapz on Mar. 25 2008,19:17
nice changes
rofl i was just working on a calculator.lua, now i can see how others do it :P
oh, is the wallpaper the one i made? ;)

i just downloaded the iso and i see its indeed mine :) i apreciate that u added it very much :D

for the bugs:
wallpaper.lua doesnt seem to start the gui interface, it gives some (normal) errors, but that doesnt matter i think. i'll check the code tomorrow.

oops, wallpaper.lua just works fine :) it just took  while to start cos i was running dsl in qemu...
the new mydsl is really great! works without bugs for me. its really different from the old one, i like it :)

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 26 2008,03:54
* Dropped SCSI modules for needed space - available in the modules section.

I noticed (ref post about frugal-hd-lilo boot) that the scsi module (aic7xxx?) is the very first thing to load on my old desktop in order to be able to read the dsl image.

Without having tried (as it's so painful on this old machine) and without checking the scsi modules in the modules section (I can't find them?), will things work if I put aic7xxx in ../modules -  I though this would need to compiled-in to boot?

Posted by roberts on Mar. 26 2008,04:24
scsi.tgz and md5.txt are now posted in current/extra_modules/ section of the download area.

You should be able to mydsl/modules/

Posted by meo on Mar. 26 2008,04:38

Just made a remaster of the DSL 4.3RC1 and it seems to work fine. The only thing I found out so far is that the background doesn't get scaled when changing style. But that naturally depends on the style that has to be changed someway. I'd appreciate if someone could help me with that. Nice new background by the way! Well now it is past 5.30 AM here in Sweden so I'd better get some sleep.

Have fun testing this awaited RC,

Posted by curaga on Mar. 28 2008,16:07
There wasn't a grub bootfloppy for DSL 4. Now there is :D

< http://rapidshare.com/files/103060540/grubfloppy.img.html >

It even includes Juanito's scsi module. I only made one menu entry as with grub it can be nicely modified. If it's worthy, please upload to DSL mirrors.

Posted by jaapz on Mar. 28 2008,22:07
ok we've got a small prob here
u've removed the old mount tool (in another version) cos there is a mount tool in dfm's menu. but now, we cant bring up dfms menu, cos right click on desktop brings us the applications menu :P
so id say the dfm settings have to be changed as default to "Window manager context: bottom"

Posted by roberts on Mar. 28 2008,23:15
Right click on any icon will bring up mount as well as rest of DFM menu
Posted by andrewb on Mar. 31 2008,03:52
Maybe I'v missed something , but....

The MyDSL  executable in the MyDSL folder now tries to connect to the repository immediately, rather than as before when it connected only if one of the categories was selected. This isn't a lot of use on a stand-alone system, or one otherwise not able to connect to the net. The facility to load locally stored extensions does not seem to be present. If this is the way the MyDSL system is to go then the MyDSL button should be restored to emelfm (at present I load locally stored extensions by entering the command mydsl-load as the command I want emelfm to use to open a dsl/uci/unc filetype, after double-clicking the required file in emelfm.

I can see the point in changing to this new system, but a simple facility to load locally stored extensions would be of use to many users as well.


I have emailled John with a revised version of DMIX that better copes with multiple mixer devices, but have had no reply. The code is at users.tpg.com.au/cramond/zydas in the file dmixnew.tar.gz. The reasons for needing this code are detailed in the threads:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....hl=dmix >

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....51;st=5 >

This may be worth inclusion in a future RC

Posted by roberts on Mar. 31 2008,05:17
You should have emailed it me. I have been creating the isos since v0.5. But thanks for the mod and posting the url. I have it and will it in RC2. So often it takes someone with the hardware to be able to communicate changes needed or offer mods to handle such.

Thanks also for reminding me about the "Load Local" button. It should be easy to add it to the new script. Look for its return in RC2.

Posted by JohnJS on April 01 2008,17:35
Unable to open Calculator from Apps/Office icon.
Options refer to 'calcoo".

Can open from desktop right-click/office/calculator.

Posted by roberts on April 01 2008,17:39
Quote (JohnJS @ April 01 2008,09:35)
Unable to open Calculator from Apps/Office icon.
Options refer to 'calcoo".

Can open from desktop right-click/office/calculator.

You didn't follow the "files likely in your backup" post.
Most copy over from /etc/skel or temporaily deploy .xfiletool.lst skip the backup only once for such files/directories.

Posted by roberts on April 01 2008,19:02
Moving on to RC2
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