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started by: John

Posted by John on Nov. 09 2005,07:05
Changelog for 2.0RC2:
1. Added more base timezones
2. Enhanced LTmodem detection.
3. Corrected myDSL menu with persistent home usage
4. Updated kernel with SATA module support.
5. Enhanced Siag external load to use wget
6. Enhanced German keyboard support
7. Added a minimal version of Joe's Window Manager (see F3 at boot)
8. Enhanced Firefox for more mime types and Java.
9. Added GtkFind utility.

< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....RC2.iso >
81cb592871b02ea3bf4e6f1613e6cc32  dsl-2.0RC2.iso

Syslinux and embedded versions are also ready for < download >.

Joe's Window Manager is very small and uses very little ram.  While running JWM DSL will use even less resources than when in Fluxbox.  Also, a plus for some of you, JVM has a very familiar look and feel for those who are migrating from a Windows environment.  Fluxbox fans, don't worry, it is still the default window manager.  Robert put a good amount of time into making JWM work with DSL and the MyDSL system.

Basic screenshots:
< JWM > < Fluxbox >

Posted by John on Nov. 09 2005,07:41
Last minute change!  We are putting in a small hack in Firefox to make integration with our Java UCI seamless.  This has already been implemented in dsl-2.0RC2.iso, if you want this feature in the syslinux and embedded version wait until tomorrow.
Posted by krazynesphreak on Nov. 09 2005,11:57
SWEET! i don`t really like the whole jwm, because it looks to much like micro$oft windows, but it's cool to have a 2nd window manager. and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!


Posted by Poju on Nov. 09 2005,13:03
Sweet! Thanks for find, it helps newpie like me a lot.

I'm not sure if this is 2.0RCx related, but why mkwriteable dot make /etc/* writeable? One can't edit /etc/pcmcia/config .

Posted by adssse on Nov. 09 2005,15:03
Thanks for all the hard work. I really like fluxbox, but I might give JWM a try since I am somewhat limited on ram. Its always nice to know your thinking about those of us with limited resources.
Posted by green on Nov. 09 2005,16:40
The DSL dev team strikes again!!!
If I were a linux distro, I would be afraid this 50MB penguin!

Posted by haveaniceday on Nov. 09 2005,19:34
( Hi, first thanks for DSL :)  second, hope it's right to post here.  )

- RC2-security question:
/etc/shadow has a password set for root and dsl . ( I do not know the password ).
Problem if:
- user changes e.g. only root password
- user starts ssh
=> access to the system by default password of user dsl.

I am not sure but:
- should be "*" in /etc/shadow
- can be overwritten by "passwd" if it's "*"

Best regards,


Posted by Richard Currier on Nov. 09 2005,19:52
RE: Video card: ATI Rage 128 PRO

V1.5 Detects and runs fine on Dell Demension XPS 1600 R

V2.0 RC1 and RC2 do not detect the card.

Richard Currier

Posted by roberts on Nov. 09 2005,19:57
dsl-2.0RC2-syslinux.iso and dsl-2.0RC2-embedded.zip have now been updated and reposted to the release candidate area.

Some of my thoughts and thank you's for this RC.

1. timezone suggestion thanks friedgold
2. LTmodem improvement thanks cbagger
3. Siag suggestion thanks clacker
4. Zeroing in on the mydsl menu w/ persist home thanks mikshaw
5. gtkfind suggestion thanks gh78

I am using a minimal version of Joe's Window Manager. It is quite amazing with its small size and small use of resources. I am glad to see others that have the same vision that we do.

I will be posting more modules shortly.


Posted by roberts on Nov. 09 2005,20:05
Oops almost forgot.

Some files that have changed that may be in your backup and therefore would overwrite, thereby disabling, some new features:

1. .xfiletool.lst
2. .xinitrc
3. .fluxbox/menu

Posted by roberts on Nov. 09 2005,20:08
re: RC2-security question:

Use boot time option "secure" before you open ports for ssh, ftp, etc.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 09 2005,20:11
RE: Video card: ATI Rage 128 PRO

dsl does not detect video cards.
We use tinyk x server offering only Xvesa and Framebuffer

Must be something else. Hope you can help by digging further.

Posted by haveaniceday on Nov. 09 2005,20:35
Quote (roberts @ Nov. 09 2005,15:08)
re: RC2-security question:

Use boot time option "secure" before you open ports for ssh, ftp, etc.

Just have seen: /etc/shadow is not used. /etc/passwd stores the password
So no security issue without usage of /etc/shadow .

But I expect /etc/shadow obsolete.

Best regards,


Edit:  I suppose /lost+found is also not required for the CD-image

Posted by Ploppy8 on Nov. 09 2005,23:50
Hello ,
Damn Small Linux was a well working system until it wasnt higher then 1.0.I kept downloading but all I get was errors. Please stop uploading new buggy versions
until they are tested on at least a few different machines.

Posted by from the jwm advocate on Nov. 10 2005,00:40
Quote (krazynesphreak @ Nov. 09 2005,06:57)
SWEET! i don`t really like the whole jwm, because it looks to much like micro$oft windows, but it's cool to have a 2nd window manager. and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!


jwm doesn't have to look that way.  i have been using jwm since v0.19 or 0.20 and i have come up with some themes and they adjust the tray and menu in a way that it can look similar to flux.  it all depends on the ~/.jwmrc file.
Posted by Jake on Nov. 10 2005,01:41
Quote (Guest @ Nov. 09 2005,18:50)
Hello ,
Damn Small Linux was a well working system until it wasnt higher then 1.0.I kept downloading but all I get was errors. Please stop uploading new buggy versions
until they are tested on at least a few different machines.

What a funny post!  First off these are RCs, second, what are your errors?  Just bitching doesn't do anyone any good.
Posted by George on Nov. 10 2005,10:00
JWM is absolutely wonderfull!!!
Until now I used DSL to "convert" some windows friends to linux, but they hated the interface so i had to add icewm.
This JWM thingie is simply wonderfull for them.
I hope that JWM will not be the first on the removal list when there will be a need for more space....
The only thing missing it's a fluxbox like right mouse button menu.

Posted by doobit on Nov. 10 2005,13:39
I also like having the JWM manager available. It could be made available as a myDSL download though ,if more space is needed. Nothing wrong with Fluxbox.

When I loaded up RC2 it still did not recognize my AT&T wireless adapter and load the atheros drivers like DSL-1.5 does.

<edit> Also noticed a typo in the lowram boot option line. no ubs should probably be no usb. I booted up DSL2.0RC2 on an old Inteva Celeron 333MHZ box. JWM runs a little slow on it which makes the mouse jerky at times. It loads the ethernet card fine with the tulip drivers, and it sees that there is an ALS sound card when it boots, but it doesn't recognize it as an ALS4000 and doesn't load any drivers. I tried the Alsa drivers, but they don't run the card either.

Posted by doobit on Nov. 10 2005,16:01
On the Inteva with Celeron 333MHz and 296MB RAM, I noticed that when I would download amsn or any other myDSL extention into the /tmp directory I couldn't install using the myDSL button in EmelFM. It would install if I double clicked on it in the file list though.
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 10 2005,19:34
An odd thing about JWM is the icon paths.
One path, /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons, is listed twice (once in a comment), when /usr/local/lib/X11 doesn't even exist in DSL.
Another path listed is /root/.icons, which is unusable unless you are running JWM as root. It might be a bit more useful to add /home/dsl/.icons or similar path.

Also receiving warnings...i assume they are from JWM:
Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion
Warning: Unable to load any usable fontset

JWM Configuration:
< http://joewing.net/programs/jwm/config.shtml >

Posted by roberts on Nov. 10 2005,20:00
As I stated I am using a minimal version of jwm.
I puposely did not use the icons for three reasons.

1. All the extra space that would be required to host icons.
2. The extra burden of rendereing them on very low end machines.
3. I had to make jwm work all the existing myDSL extensions that do not have any icon specified.

John and I may compile jwm with a different configuration than this current version.

I hope that I have not offended anyone with this minimal jwmrc file.
jwm is highly configurable within this single xml file. It is very cool. You can enable click on root window to access the menu.

Some thought has been given to have an icon pack as an extension. But again all existiing extensions have no icons specified. Still I thought it worth it to introduce jwm at this time.

No only can icons be used but it can have many different themes too. I am extremely impressed with the small size, easy configuration of jwm.

So don't judge jwm solely on this minimal jwmrc.

As always we are open to suggestions

Posted by roberts on Nov. 10 2005,20:24
The modules that were compiled with this kernel but not included in the base iso are now posted in the release candidate area. These include the sata modules the file is called modules_cut.tar.gz

Also posted in the sources directory is the kernel config for RC2.

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 10 2005,23:01
Oh, I wasn't suggesting the inclusion of icons at all....that would be silly, particularly since I don't use them =o)
It's just that the supplied .jwmrc file already has 3 icon paths included, 2 of which are the same non-existent path...so i thought maybe they could be replaced by a single path that could actually be useful.

Also noticed that xfontsel is no longer in DSL.  Do you happen to have a list of any other programs that were removed?

Posted by dougvega on Nov. 11 2005,01:17
jwm is awsome I had been switching back and forth between dsl and puppy because of the window manager and I think I am going to miss puppy
Posted by NettoBr on Nov. 11 2005,14:03
Hello all,

How can I Start DSL-Embedded under Widows in JWM mode???


Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 11 2005,15:35
Just a thought....
The switcher.sh is a cool addition, but i wonder if it might be useful to open it up to more than just the two supplied window managers. Since .xinitrc is already set up to load whatever is in the .desktop file, switcher.sh could be set up to accept parameters instead of just toggling between fluxbox and jwm.
Code Sample
echo "$@" > $HOME/.desktop
touch /tmp/xvesa
killall  Xvesa Xfbdev 2>/dev/null &

This way you could have "switcher.sh twm [options]" in your jwm menu and it would switch to twm.
It doesn't really matter to me personally, since i've already made this change to my own system...just thought it might be useful =o)

I'm not too clear on what's happening here, though...what makes the existence of /tmp/xvesa prevent the server from completely shutting down?

NettoBr:  I haven't looked into the startup scripts for DSL2.0, but one way you could do it is to add this command to /home/dsl/.bash_profile:
echo jwm > .desktop

Posted by struppi on Nov. 11 2005,15:39
jwm is a GREAT addition! as mentioned before i think this wm makes it much simpler for all windows users to switch to DSL!

! don't remove it !

Posted by joer on Nov. 11 2005,17:12
I too am happy to see DSL offer jwm.
As for doobit's comment:
I also like having the JWM manager available. It could be made available as a myDSL download though ,if more space is needed. Nothing wrong with Fluxbox.

I think it should be the othe way around. If more space is need, make fluxbox a DSL extension  Seems to me, most fluxbox fans would be more capable to do this than a new window user. Also, for 2.0, I would vote for jwm to be the default, as it would make it so much easier for new users.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 11 2005,18:27
I disagree completely.

Fluxbox should, and probably will stay the default. The windows interface is familiar to MS users, yes, but that still doesn't make it a good interface.

The Windows interface is horribly inefficient to work with.

JWM is fine to let ex-microsoft users be comfortable when they start using Linux, but it should not be a crutch that keeps them using a really very crappy interface.

Posted by I went to bed very late on Nov. 11 2005,22:49
I like fluxbox. It is fast, stable and NOT difficult to use.

DSL was the first Linux distribution I tested and fluxbox was no problem!

I wouldn't like to see fluxbox beeing pushed out

Posted by Seth on Nov. 12 2005,08:17
I, unlike Saidin, have mixed feelings about JWM`s inclusion, while the work roberts put in to it should not be ignored; i find that  after useing it in puppy linux, all it does is waste space. Calling it useable is like calling windows 1.0 useable, it`s feesably useable but overall it lacks that promised useability.

also in addition to the promised ease of use for Windows users, it does lack in the UI department, Saidin is correct when he states that the Windows UI is terrible, it is, so why have such a terrible UI, even if it is to act as a crutch, to those windows users? In the end, after playing with it, it is a nice WM but others can be made to do the same and achive better results.


Posted by George on Nov. 12 2005,10:21
This is another interesting thing for DSL (maybe as a extension):

From < http://ede.sourceforge.net/page/about > :

What is Equinox Desktop Environment ?
Equinox Desktop Environment (shortly EDE) is small desktop environment, built to be simple and fast. It is based on modified FLTK library (called extended FLTK or just eFLTK).

Comparing to other desktop environments, EDE is much faster and smaller in memory space (EDE's window manager use less memory than xterm).

Features and support:

   * desktop with icons and wallpaper;
   * Xft font anti-aliasing;
   * taskbar with configurable menu, cpu status, easy keyboard switching;
   * theming;
   * localization;

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Nov. 12 2005,11:45
Hmm, looks alright, no idea how it stacks up resource-wise against fluxbox or JWM.  Might be worth a look.
Posted by clivesay on Nov. 12 2005,13:26
Some of us have played with EDE and while it has alot of potential, there is still alot of work to be done with it before it becomes a well functioning WM. I just prefer flux and think it's the best. If someone want a windows look add wmdrwawer for a 'start' button.

Everyone has an opinion, that's mine. :)


Posted by roberts on Nov. 12 2005,18:05
doobit wrote:
When I loaded up RC2 it still did not recognize my AT&T wireless adapter and load the atheros drivers like DSL-1.5 does

It would be most helpful if you would specify the module(s) that are loaded with 1.5

Posted by John on Nov. 12 2005,21:25
Fluxbox isn't going to be replaced with JWM, but Robert and I believe that there is a benefit to the DSL community to offer both.  I am a major Fluxbox fan. well particularly a fan of the STABLE branch.

Yet, both Robert and myself believe that many in the DSL community will benefit from JWM.

What it has going for it:
-- feels familiar to recent Linux converts
-- super light on resources (about half the memory use of Fluxbox)
-- a damn small executable for a window manager (95.6k vs. 589.5k for Fluxbox)

One thing I would really like to see is the ability to have the right button call the menu on the desktop while being able to disable the left.  That would allow us to have menu functionality away from the "start" button while preventing a conflict with xtdesktop.

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 13 2005,04:44
I played around with EDE a little bit and while it looks like a good project, it is still a little rough around the edges.

Also, since it is an entire environment and not just a window manager, I have to assume that it will use more disk space.

So my brief summary:

If there was ever a need for an entire "Desktop Environment" like KDE, GNOME, etc,  then eFLTK-based EDE would be the best choice for someone with the DSL (fast and light) philosophy.  XFCE also is pretty nice, but it is heavier than EDE (although still MUCH lighter than KDE or GNOME).

Posted by Posh on Nov. 13 2005,15:04
Quote (roberts @ Nov. 12 2005,13:05)
doobit wrote:
When I loaded up RC2 it still did not recognize my AT&T wireless adapter and load the atheros drivers like DSL-1.5 does

It would be most helpful if you would specify the module(s) that are loaded with 1.5

It doesn't load the madwifi drivers which appear to be missing (I have the same card).  That is ath_pci.o.

Hope this helps.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 13 2005,17:50
Ah, thanks for the info.
madwifi is not part of the standard kernel and modules that is why it is not there. Also, Knoppix 3.4 which we were based on has an empty madwifi directory! But I see that simply downloading the madwifi project source tar ball that it easily compiles against the provided kernel sources. It installs into a separate net directory.

Posted by roberts on Nov. 14 2005,15:44
The madwifi modules compiled against our 2.4.31 kernel are now posted in the release candidate area.
< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub.....tar.gz >
< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....md5.txt >

Posted by doobit on Nov. 14 2005,16:27
Thank you. Sorry I didn't get back to you quickly. I've been out of town and off the board. Thanks Posh for providing the info.
Posted by gas on Nov. 14 2005,18:06
:( I have installed DSL RC2 on my usb-stick, it boots and works well with the exception of installing software using mydsl. Abiword is an example: after downloading there is a new icon on the desktop, but clicking it produces only a flicker of abiword which is gone after microseconds, but the programm does not start.
This is different with boot from live-CD: Here I also find abiword (which was secured from sda2) and it opens readily.....
Does anybody know whats going on?
Thanks for the nice distro,,,,,,

Posted by doobit on Nov. 14 2005,21:22
Try double clicking on the program name in the list of files in EmelFM. I found that I could load the programs that way, but not with the myDSL button.
Posted by clacker on Nov. 15 2005,20:59
I was wondering if it might be better to run gtkfind as root from the menu.  As in sudo /usr/bin/gtkfind rather than /usr/bin/gtkfind.  The reason is the errors you get when you search from / (not an uncommen thing to do).  Is there any security reason for not running gtkfind as root?  Even if you keep it as it is now the user can still just close the error window.

I liked the inclusion of the joe window manager as an option.

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 15 2005,23:20

The SATA hard disk driver works for the Dell Optiplex GX280 and DSL 2.0RC2

Instructions (from memory):

1) Boot DSL livecd
2) Download the modules_cut.tar.gz file from the release candidate download site.
3) Open an xterm and type:

sudo su
tar -zxvf modules_cut.tar.gz -C /
modprobe ata_piix

and your SATA drives should appear as SCSI drives, IE: sda1 sda2 etc

Posted by roberts on Nov. 16 2005,00:14
Thanks for the feedback, cbagger.
I am hoping that we can streamline the procedure.
I have some code in dsl-config that will load modules like extensions via the boot time option modules=hdXY

Posted by kananga on Nov. 16 2005,03:06
Any idea when a final release of version 2 will be available?
Posted by Jan on Nov. 16 2005,03:13
Quote (cbagger01 @ Nov. 15 2005,18:20)
sudo su
tar -zxvf modules_cut.tar.gz -C /
modprobe ata_piix

mkwritable?? :angry:
I can't find that file, and desperately need sata-support.
Is there another way to use the modules in modules_cut.tar.gz?

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 16 2005,03:17
I think that was a typo....should have been /etc/init.d/mkwriteable
Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 16 2005,03:43

I was typing from memory from earlier in the day, but I could not connect to the web site at the time.

The general concept is the same for other SATA drivers, just replace

modprobe ata_piix

with your appropriate driver name, such as

modprobe ahci

for example.

Other driver modules of note are:


depending on your computer's chipset.  You need to use google to learn the type of chipset/driver combo is required for your SATA controller.

Newer versions of the KNOPPIX 2.4.x kernel autodetection routines MAY be able to automatically detect the correct driver, maybe knoppix 3.6 or 3.7

Otherwise, the newest KNOPPIX autodetection routines would need to be backported to work with the 2.4.x kernel.  My guess is that this would not be too hard, mainly replacing ".ko" with ".o" in a lot of different places.  But that is easy for me to say because I have not done it myself :)

Posted by Jan on Nov. 16 2005,04:17
Ah, great! That does the job! :D
I use DSL from a USB-stick, and it works great. I now have put the lines from cbagger01 in a script on the stick, together with the modules_cut.tar.gz file to quickly add sata-support (a.o).
Thanks for the quick and accurate answer!
Keep up the good work...

Posted by Jan on Nov. 16 2005,04:46
Found an even better we (i.m.h.o.): put the script and the modules_cut.tar.gz file in /home/dsl. That way I don't have to cd to /cdrom each time to get sata-support.
I realize that this won't work on a CD... ???

Posted by dare2dreamer on Nov. 16 2005,08:12
I was reading over the thread on SATA drive support, and it got me thinking. It's a fairly safe assumption that any machine with SATA drives is probably of a fairly recent vintage overall, in terms of memory, cpu, etc.

Because there's a bit of slack in a system of that size, wouldn't it make sense to simply make a SATA-support.dsl that has all the needed modules in it? The compiled modules, plus a few scripts to sort out what to load/config, and just about any SATA device would be up and running as fast as you can say "chubby penguin."

Posted by TotalImmortal on Nov. 16 2005,12:18
Hi, I believe I have a bug... I have 2 thinkpad laptops (a 600e and a 380z) which both work fine  (once i fix the usual sound probs) with DSL up to and including 1.5...
The newer laptop (600e) is runnng from HDD and the older is via a frugal CF card.. both run fine with DSL2.0rc1 and rc2 until you tell them to shut down at which point X apears to quit and a blank blue screen (earily reminisiant of the BSOD) appears.. the HDD activity light flickers occasionaly and the PCMCIA network card keeps working and thats that, nothing makes it respond short of a hard reset which often knackers up the FS... not much of a prob with frugal but definatly a serious issue for the HD install..
it happens every time on both machines so i would say it is reproducable and worthy of being called a bug..

anyone got any advice/want any more infomation?

Other than that like the changes in the 2.0rcs' tho i doubt i'll use JWM much (i like fluxbox)
Thanks for the great distro..

Posted by Guest on Nov. 16 2005,13:31
OKay it does not boot on:

MSI K8N Neo2
nForce3 (With a realtek internet driver and AC97 audio)
512 Ram
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
If you ran in safe mode on the 1.5 version it would boot but in 2.0RC2 it does not  :(

Posted by doobit on Nov. 16 2005,15:40
One change I'd like to see is that the default font colors in bash changed depending on the background or style colors for all the apps that open in bash. Black fonts are a bit difficult to see against the dark fractal background when you are running something like parted, or other CLI based app.
Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 16 2005,17:51

Eventually, the day will come where the majority of computers use SATA for their disk controllers.  Just like IDE replaced older systems like MFM? , SATA is replacing IDE.

Right now it is not a big problem because almost all CDROM drives shipped today are still IDE/ATAPI so you can get DSL up and running and then afterwords install the SATA drivers as modules from the net or somewhere else.

However, eventually even CDROM drives will be mass converted over to SATA and you will be unable to even get DSL booted into the KNOPPIX filesystem without the SATA drivers already being activated.  So in this case, a modules_cut approach will not work and you will need to either compile the driver directly into the kernel (like the existing compiled-in IDE driver), OR add the SATA drivers to the initial ramdisk (minirt24.gz) and load them as part of the linuxrc initial start script.

Fortunately, the hardware industry is moving towards a standard SATA controller interface which should simplify and future-proof the driver process just like the industry standard IDE controller interface did.

Even so, the guys who wrote the Linux SATA drivers did a great job because they rolled all of the common SATA controller code into a shared library file called "libata".  This means that most of the driver modules that I listed earlier in this thread are relatively small in size due to shared libata code.

So while a satadivers.dsl type system will work in the short term, longer term in order to maintain bootability, I expect that the drivers will need to be incorporated into the base ISO kernel or miniroot.

Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 16 2005,19:04
doobit: As far as I know, that is an issue with individual mydsl applications that were made before the switch to aterm and not yet fixed.  If a menu item or icon starts "rxvt -e command", it will likely use black text.  One way to fix this for now is to duplicate the "aterm" lines in /home/dsl/.Xdefaults, changing "aterm" to "rxvt" in the copied lines.
It wouldn't hurt to do the same for "xterm" as well.

Posted by doobit on Nov. 16 2005,19:37
Thanks mikshaw!
Posted by Jan on Nov. 16 2005,23:16
Quote (cbagger01 @ Nov. 16 2005,12:51)
So in this case, a modules_cut approach will not work and you will need to either compile the driver directly into the kernel (like the existing compiled-in IDE driver), OR add the SATA drivers to the initial ramdisk (minirt24.gz) and load them as part of the linuxrc initial start script.

I think the last aproach (sata-driver as a module) will be the best, especially when booting from USB-stick, because both the USB-stick and the SATA-drives will be emulated as SCSI-drives, but which will be the first (sda) and which next?
In the module-aproach you can make sure that the USB-stick will be (and stay) sda, and sata-drives sdb etc.

Posted by haveaniceday on Nov. 17 2005,12:55
symbolic link /var/spool/mail points to nowhere. => /var/mail is missing.


PS: ( just have remote access, system is started with option toram and runlevel 2, do not think it's important for this bug )

Edit: There are some more files/directories missing. Check can be done by
script below. ( I know, some files/directory are in separate packages )
Some might be useful to add like /KNOPPIX/lib/modules/2.4.31/pcmcia/aha152x_cs.o
Code Sample

cat /tmp/haveaniceday
find . -type l |
while read file
       ls -l "$file"
done | cut -c56- |
while read a x b
       cd `dirname "$a"`
       c=`basename "$a"`
       if [ ! -r "$b" ]
               echo Missing $a
               ls -l "$c"
       cd -

Posted by haveaniceday on Nov. 17 2005,13:45
I am sorry if it's not allowed to ask here.
Debug-Feature request: add "strace" and may be "lsof"


Posted by pomfret on Nov. 19 2005,22:00
I love dsl 1.5 and really enjoy working with it but with the new release candidates i can't open Firefox on any of my computers, one with pentiumII the other with AMD chip.
Dear administrator:If this isn't the right place to tell please put it to the right adress
yours pomfret

Posted by roberts on Nov. 19 2005,22:51
Try removing your existing /home/dsl/.mozilla directory.
Posted by tosha on Nov. 20 2005,01:57
I made HD installation of DSL on IBM Thinkpad 390X 2626HNU
(Mobile Pentium II / 400,128 SDRAM,6.4GB)

Everything were going smooth, but computer was freezing at start of screensaver (my guess),  the same was on liveCD

so I added

xset s off       &                
#to disable the blank screensaver
xset -dpms       &              
#to disable the monitor dpms feature, like suspending, etc.

as it was sugested here:
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....ensaver >

to .xinitrc and everything seems ok now.

Maybe there are better ways to solve this problem?

other things: it seems that gtk2-0705.dsl can not be installed(?)
as a result (?)  gftp does not work...so I have to use comand line sftp.
That what I get:

dsl@box:~$ gftp
gFTP Warning: Skipping line 215 in config file: entropy_source
gFTP Warning: Skipping line 218 in config file: entropy_len
gFTP Warning: Skipping line 221 in config file: verify_ssl_peer

(gftp-gtk:732): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gftp-gtk:732): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gftp-gtk:732): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gftp-gtk:732): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gftp-gtk:732): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Conversion from character set 'UTF-8' to 'ISO-8859-1' is not supported

(gftp-gtk:732): GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Cannot open pixbuf loader module file '/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders': No such file or directory
Segmentation fault

Posted by MethodOne on Nov. 21 2005,01:57
After my grandma was having trouble with several ISPs in XP, I decided to show her DSL 2.0 RC2.  I loaded it with toram and went to the desktop as usual.  Then I set up my connection and proceeded to connect.  It dialed and the DSL portal page loaded.  To test the connection, I went to one of her favorite sites.  It worked!  That testing led to a problem in the Windows setup instead of the phone wiring and the Lucent Winmodem in her system.  So one of my grandma's friends will take care of the rest.
Posted by MethodOne on Nov. 21 2005,02:07
Guest on page 11, look at this:
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....=nvidia >

Posted by monkymind on Nov. 21 2005,09:13
Hi everyone!
I'm finally back online ....... and downloaded the latest RC(2) - fugal installed it (with home, opt and mydsl on a separate partition).

Initial impressions:
* hated the MS look of jwm but it's so light and useful you end up loving it.

* restructured the DSL menu to have:
- (my favs) firefox and and xterm on top,
- followed by all the apps (submenus)
- then help, find, run - with all the Control panel, setup and system stuff near the bottom
- added "myDSL panel" (Download extension) entry below Control panel
- exit options at the very bottom.

* disabled the desktop icons
* enabled root window pop menu
* added torsmo mydsl for monitoring the battery, ram and swap. also added xbattbar (the green line at the top of the screenshot) as  another reminder to watch my dying battery.

I also love Firefox 1.0.6 :cool:.
So far I have added 6 extension:
* Adblock
* EditCSS
* GMail Manager
* Spellbound and the Mozilla SpellCheck libs (can't get the Aust EN dictionary extension to load??)
* unclosetab

Well that's about it so far :D
My thanks to those who did all the hard work putting together this very nice RC!

PS Here's the usual screenshot of my current desktop:
< >

Posted by roberts on Nov. 22 2005,14:50
closing topic as 2.0 is released.
Thanks to eveyone who contributed, ideas, suggestions, feedback, and code. DSL is great because we have a great community of very active and supportive users.
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