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started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on Feb. 02 2007,01:37
Toshiba laptop III-m 766MHz.
DSL-N frugal on IDE compactflash.

However, presently, DSL-N HDD install.

I've been trying for yonks with allsorts to get mini pci 3Com 3c556B to work and have not succeeded and given up.

In Europe, the Alcatel Speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem is MASSIVELY commonplace and popular, usually gratis with many telecom signups.
Good piece of kit, cheap as chips, robust, I like it, performance sound.

Roberts, if you havn't got one & would like one, contact me a P.O. box or something, & it would please me to send you one gratis.

The other telecom gratis usb adsl modem in Europe is the Sagem f@st 800.

DSL-N HDD dmesg | grep usb
No joy.

In Debian Etch;
usbcore: registered new driver speedtch

Please, is it fairly straightforward to have speedtch in DSL-N?
Pre 2.6.10 used userspace package, no problem, but the latest speedtch is good.

Hopefully I am bright enough to figure this out for myself, but I was hoping for some words of experience which may be of benefit.


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