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started by: doug.f

Posted by doug.f on Feb. 12 2007,20:03
I remastered DSL-N adding a few things and produced a zip file that can be unzipped onto a USB mem stick.  Then, I ran syslinux to make it bootable and everything works fine.  What I don't understand is why a zip file for producing a bootable USB mem stick is not posted on the DSL-N download mirrors.  Who can I contact about adding this form of DSL-N to the official download site?
Posted by Gids on Feb. 17 2007,15:17
Please, let me know when I can get hold of it. It's exactly what I'm looking for.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Feb. 17 2007,18:38
You can try emailing extensions _at_ damnsmalllinux _dot_ org
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