Johns' and Roberts livelihoods rule.

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Topic: Johns' and Roberts livelihoods rule.
started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on Feb. 13 2007,21:27
I just thought about John & Robert, for a mere 2 minutes.

I'm a virtuoso photographer & printer, I've probably forgotten more about photography than most people on this planet know about photogrphy. I'm sure Robert has forgotten more about computing than I will ever know about computing, yet I am proud of what I have learnt about computing & continue to learn, albeit minor.

As I've written before, DSL is at the top of the Distrowatch tree for many reasons, one main reason is because John & Robert & Crew obviously devote a MASSIVE amount of time to the forum, God they don't have the time for 2 forums.

Does DSL provide them VITAL revenue? can't just drop DSL then.

Like I said, I know nowt, there must be very many major issues.
Take all the time in the world Crew, and whatever goes, fans respect y'all.

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