ipw2100 and ndiswrapper problem on DSL-N-0.1RC4

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Topic: ipw2100 and ndiswrapper problem on DSL-N-0.1RC4
started by: hs7sv

Posted by hs7sv on Feb. 28 2007,13:56
I got w7on51.inf and w70n51.sys from < NdisWrapper >.  It used to work on DSL-N-0.1RC1 but it does not work on DSL-N-0.1RC4.

Driver installed successfully:-
Code Sample
w70n51     driver installed, hardware present

but wlan0 cannot connect to MyNetwork.  When I run iwconfig wlan0, I got this message:-
Code Sample
Warning: Driver for device wlan0 recommend version 18 of Wireless Extension, but has been complied with version 17, therefore some driver features may not be available...

I guess ndiswrapper in DSL-N-0.1RC4 is the new version and it is not compatible to w70n51.inf and  w70n51.sys that I use.

Can someone tell me how-to use ipw2100 on DSL-N-0.1RC4? Thanks  :)

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